Are you sure?

WOW Member, 

Are you sure you want to cancel your membership to the Worldwide Organization For Women?  

As a member of our organization you are part of a movement to protect faith, family and soveriegnty around the world.  We need members like you to be able to advocate at places like the United Nations and to teach families and government leaders around the world. 

Your membership gives the WOW organization the funds it needs to travel to world conferences and meet with world leaders to discuss the importance of honoring principles of freedom and family.  And your membership allows us to have a website like this to post valuable content for the world to see.  

Finally, your membership gives you the opportunity to vote for the leaders of our organization so that you can always be sure WOW is in good hands and doing the work you want it to do for your family, nation, and community.  

If this was a mistake, join us again by clicking the subscibe button on this page.  It is only $25 USD for a year long membership.

Thank you for your dedication and for joining us in this cause.

The WOW Board