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Maternity by design is wholesome and good, and is divinely intended to benefit the mother in countless ways and at so many different levels: emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, behaviorally, biologically, etc. All good things get challenged, so it comes as no surprise that contradictory and counterfeit ideas against maternity are promoted even institutionalized, which are not …

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Saving Mother’s Day

by Nicholeen Peck  Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have planned how you will spend your special day. I usually try to find ways to serve my family like a good mother does.  Years ago I fell into the trap of feeling entitled on Mother’s Day.  I thought it was my day off.  In fact, …

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Happy Mother’s Day

WOW upside down spells MOM. It’s a universally common title, but the real beauty and influence of motherhood begins to shine when Mom doesn’t accept the role as common. At a recent fundraising event, one couple at a shared table happened to be a Mom accompanied by her young son. Her husband couldn’t attend last …

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Legislative Update

HB286   This is the mandatory child sexual abuse education for children ages K – 12. This bill passed the House and the Senate and will be implemented in two years.  Hopefully, next year it will be repealed. On the surface this bill looks like it helps children. But, on closer observation it is easy to see that …

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