International Database Scandal Uncovered At World Congress

This year at the World Congress in Verona, Italy, WOW uncovered the international database scandal that is targeted at children all over the world. Here is a video of the presentation done at the congress. Database companies in schools, libraries, even online homeschools are subjecting innocent children around the world to pornographic content and calling …

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Abortion Nation

The United States seems to be suffering from a bad case of genocide. But, some states are saying, “enough is enough, the killing stops here.” Genocide is usually associated with third world countries, but in recent years the world’s largest genocides have been happening in highly developed first world countries. “According to the New York …

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March For Life

Pro-Life Utah is holding its annual March For Life event January 26th, 2019. Please come support this event if you are able to. WOW is happy to help Pro-Life Utah protect lives of unborn children.

Worldwide Organization for Women