School Districts Over-Stepping Their Bounds

Austin, Texas parents have a Texas sized problem. “Austin ISD has broken the sacred trust between school and parent” said Texas Values spokesman, David Walls, when interviewed about Austin’s new elementary and middle school sex education policy. Walls was referring to the Austin School District mandate to change sex education to include the teaching of children about how to have anal sex and how to put a condom on an erect penis as well as much more.

The Austin School District hadn’t changed it’s sex education policy for elementary and middle school students for “over a decade” and so they figured it was about time. WOW is disappointed that school administrators would allow themselves to be swayed to change a long standing policy that was working well for students with the illusion that somehow time changes the need to present sexual morals and proper sexual conduct differently. If something was improper ten years ago, why would it suddenly become proper 10 years later? It doesn’t make logical sense.

One frustrated father told Austin ISD, “You have overstepped.” While advocates for the change were focusing on the importance of advocating new gender identity and sexual orientation theory, parents were feeling disregarded. Who should make moral decisions for schools; bureaucrats and activists or parents? WOW stands with Texas parents by thinking parents hold that sacred right, and should be respected.

This new policy change will not only expose elementary aged children to the intricacies of sex but is also designed to remove important and key words from the vocabulary of children. According to Todd Starnes, “The school district will also begin instructing students to no longer use words like ‘mother’ or ‘father’…and ‘mom’ or ‘dad.”

The district materials insist that “gender inclusive language” be used. This means terms such as “male” and “female” would also be inappropriate words to use in class.

Parents are outraged that the school district they trusted is forcing word censoring based on ideological agendas, and forcing content that sexualizes children. Parents are calling this “pornography” and “government sanctioned child abuse.” But, advocates for the policy change are simply calling it “other options.” Will the policy change really be presented as having more “options,” or will parents who haven’t been following the school district debate be caught unaware and have their children sexualized right under their noses?

One of the three pillars that the WOW organization is founded on is sovereignty. This new Texas sex ed policy violates the sovereignty of parents and families in Texas. Until parental rights are honored by government and school administrators again, over the social pressure of sex activists, the children will have no true protection.

“Choose Not To Be Harmed”

One day my father told me something so profound that it literally changed my social life and my personal empowerment forever. After I finished telling him about how another child at school had been mean to me, he said, “Nicholeen, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.”

I’m guessing that I wasn’t the only child raised in the last quarter of the 1900s to be counseled by their parents or teachers with this advice (my dad was a teacher).

When I heard this advice, I immediately recognized it as true. Of course! Sticks and stones could cut me, bruise me, and cause me to bleed, but words were just things spit out into the air that I could choose to do whatever I wanted to with. This simple little truth gave me permission to ignore the words I didn’t like or knew weren’t true. And, since I knew my dad was the strongest, smartest guy in the world, I started ignoring mean words and ended up finding personal power.

I wish I could say I immediately started calmly ignoring. I didn’t. At first, I did a fighting kind of ignoring,  which wasn’t really ignoring at all. When another child would say mean things, which has been renamed bullying today, I would holler at them, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but your words will never hurt me.”

When I hollered my wise reply back at them, I immediately recognized that had I lost the upper hand. They would say, “Well, it looks like our words did hurt you or you wouldn’t have to yell back at us.”

I changed. I decided that if I really wanted to be safe from those unkind words, I had to not care that they said something I didn’t like or agree with. I had to allow them to say whatever they wanted to and choose not to get emotional about it. When I finally chose not to be emotionally reactive, I found my power. That’s what Dad was telling me to do with his “sticks and stones” advice, but it took me a few tries to fully understand how to apply this wisdom to my life.

Choose Not To Be Harmed

Marcus Aurelius said, “Choose not to be harmed — and you won’t feel harmed. Don’t feel harmed — and you haven’t been.”

If “sticks and stones” was good enough for a child of the 1980s, then why isn’t it good enough for children or adults nowadays? Why are there so many wars over words and talks of violence? Why are there so many offenses and hurt feelings that people won’t ignore? Where has all the power gone?

Dad drew a line for me that day. There was what was said by others, and what I thought about what was said. Those were two different things. Being emotionally reactive was not considered a plan for a successful life in the 1980s. In fact, this was the dominant way of thinking until recently. Dad wasn’t saying that words couldn’t be cruel or inappropriate to say to another person. Of course they could. Some things shouldn’t be said and are even intended to hurt the feelings of the other person. What my dad was saying was that a truly powerful person knows that they have total control over how they allow their emotions to relate to those words.

Dad’s advice challenged my feelings about words and the amount of power I thought I had. What if the person on the receiving end of the unkind words felt completely empowered to take control of their own thoughts? What if they pushed the emotions away before it was ever allowed to take root in them? What if each person was able to decide what truths or lies they allow into their minds and hearts?

The Coddling of Society

Look around. There are more emotionally fragile victims than ever before. Many youth are feeling confined and defined by their life experiences and hardships instead of rising above them and focusing on their human power to overcome trials.

On September 11, 2001, thousands died in the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, which started a war on terror that affected the world. Instead of hiding in their houses and focusing on their victimhood, people emotionally stood up and carried each other through the tragedy. People worked all day and night, putting their own lives at risk to save and locate people trapped in the wreckage. Neighbors called each other and prayed for each other. People donated money, food, supplies, time — literally anything needed to help make that hard time easier. Everyone stood a little taller, smiled a little more deliberately, and hugged a little more in an effort to really lift someone up. Americans, Canadians and many others worked harder, complained less, and found an inner strength they never knew they had. People generally become stronger because of war times and difficult challenges. But, in times of peace and comfort we behave surprisingly different.

A person has to logically and consciously allow themselves to change for the better, especially in times of peace. In their 2018 book, The Coddling of the American Mind, authors Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt explain that one of the “great untruths” of our time is “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you weaker.” This means that society is obsessing over what has gone wrong in their lives and being pessimistic. People displaying bad behaviors are given excuses for their actions instead of correction or motivation to move on. And, words are the new violence that people can’t seem to get over. Each unkind word or social media comment turns into a burden to carry. Ignoring the words doesn’t seem to even be an option for some people.

Lukianoff and Haidt suggest the I-Generation is struggling the most with this new emotionally reactive living. They said, “…students make a serious mistake when they interpret words—even words spoken with hatred—as violence.” I-Gen-ers are now equating words to violence. If someone feels bad about something that has been said, others feel justified in retaliating with physical violence; bullying and assault. This explains the riots on college campuses in recent years.

Safe Vs Strong

Many adults nowadays aren’t reaching their youth because they see the world through a be-strong, learn-to-deal-with-adversity lens. Their youth are being trained socially to interact tentatively and fearfully with the world, like people who’ve been hurt and not recovered would behave. The youth want safety because they have been kept in a state of fragility, but many of their parents want them to step up and grow up.

How can we help young people find joy, and not become the victims of their circumstances? Russell M. Nelson said, “The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.”

Society’s goal cannot be emotional safety. Of course, there is emotional abuse and that should never be condoned, but we are meant to get through life, not be protected from it. Life will never be emotionally or physically safe enough to protect everyone’s feelings. No “safe space” or word censoring rule will stop a person from feeling attacked if they are looking for the next attack. Here are three strategies parents can do to promote resilience and emotional strength, as well as decrease the social craving for “safe spaces.”

3 Strategies for Being Emotionally Strong

First, focus on who we are, where we are going, and what life is really about. Joy really has “everything to do with the focus of our lives.” When parents focus more on creating portfolios for their children than on building character and connection in their children, the whole family loses focus. When preparing youth for future financial success takes priority over preparing for future relationship success through happy family relationships, our youth lose their identities. Good family relationships, living according to virtue, and solid religious beliefs all bring greater lasting joy than financial success and social status can.

Second, increase patience and endurance by teaching the children to wait for things they want. Patience leads to increased responsibility for good outcomes in life. It teaches cause and effect and shows youth their circumstances can change with their own hard work. We have to stop enabling our children by giving them so much. The lesson of delayed gratification is a hard lesson to teach, especially if a parent could easily buy the desired bicycle or game, but it is one of the most valuable lessons to learn for the child. The more affluent a society gets, the less patient and whinier the population becomes. Nothing is ever good enough for a person with everything. If I can obtain any comfort or pleasure I desire when I want it with two day shipping and without having to talk to anyone about what I need, then why would I expect my discomfort from a mean word to go away any differently than instantly?

Third, teach children to ignore the things that bother them for the sake of their own emotional strength. This means having good old-fashioned grit in the face of adversity and mean words. To attempt to be ideologically protected is not a good life goal, so we can’t protect the youth from new or different ideas. In fact, learning new things and exchanging ideas is part of life. If a person has to know everything before they learn anything, they are short-sighted and setting themselves up for disappointment.

To teach children to ignore mean words, parents can prepare their children to accept “no” answers from them about everyday things when they are young, and then transition the child to knowing how to give themselves “no” answers as they mature. Then, when mean words or different ideas that they don’t agree with come along, they can ignore their emotions about the ideas and words by giving themselves a “no” answer for emotionally reacting.

Hopefully, if they are able to learn calmness and accepting “no” answers, they will be able to both push unwanted emotional responses away while focusing on listening to what the other person has to say and on valuing the other person even if they may ultimately have to disagree on the issue being discussed.

No external source can provide safety to a person who is determined to feel emotional. We have to choose to be unharmed; to control ourselves and our emotions. Not to “stuff” our emotions, but to decide which emotions are productive and which end up putting us in emotional bondage. Self-government is the act of choosing not to be harmed, even if someone intends to harm us.

The only true safety a person can ever have is the assurance that they can be okay no matter their circumstances. Ironically, in the age of “safe spaces,” we aren’t recognizing the safest condition a person can be in, which is emotional security despite adversity. It’s called “enduring to the end,” and it creates peace of mind and joy no matter what words try to hurt us.

This FREE Parenting Assessment Course will give you more direction in helping yourself and your children live more self-governed lives while unifying your relationships.

Respecting Yourself Never Sounded Worse! -UK

Does every good term have to be hijacked, turned around and sent back out to the public as a wolf in sheep’s clothing these days? WOW is constantly disappointed at the international manipulative use of seemingly good words. We have to fight against dangerous terms like “maternal health” and “age appropriate” because these terms and others like them are striped of their moral or factual foundation and given a subjective/moral relativistic spin instead. Such is the case with the term “Respect Yourself,” which is the name of a government funded British educational website for youth ages 13 and up that boasts having a “sextionary” for kids to access anything they want to know about sex and sexuality.

This tax money funded, controversial website has been live since 2013 in Britain, but has just recently been disabled due to the public outcry from a diverse British population. WOW applauds the The Family Education Trust, hardworking parents, and citizens in Britain who have put so much time and effort into drawing attention to the problem website and getting citizens informed and active at solving the problem.

Amy Danahay of “Respect Yourself” told Huffington Post: “We have completed the young people’s wish list. They asked for the sextionary, pleasure zones and the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered honestly.”

I seriously doubt that young people wanted to know the majority of the grotesque sexual acts. As I was looking into the problem website in the UK I found myself, as a married woman with four children who has had sex more times than I’ve ever counted, asking “what on earth is that term?” The site explains more kinky behaviors than a person would ever need to ask, or has even thought to ask for that matter. Clearly, the sextionary website is just another way the sexualization of children is happening under the guise of education.

Speaking of education, I’d be curious to know how the site information is delivered to the children. Are they told about it at school? If so, has it been approved by a curriculum board or governing body tasked with keeping children safe? It is completely unethical for tax money and government employees, who have a position of trust with students, to be used for the sexual grooming of children.

In a day and age when child trafficking is becoming an increasingly serious problem, I’d think that officials would connect the dots and not promote any educational materials that would groom children to be targets for traffickers. Years ago top porn producer was interviewed. He was asked how they train the children for their porn performances and he replied, “We don’t really have to do much. They come porn ready.” This tells us what kinds of children are easily trafficked; the ones who have gotten into sexual stuff.

How could a child come to a trafficker/porn producer “porn ready” unless they have already been experimenting with porn or graphic sexuality? Children aren’t sensual and explicit, that behavior has to be trained by someone else. As a foster parent I was trained to look for children who were too sensual, so that we could detect possible sexual abuse in the child’s past. Is it possible that western society has lost all common sense when it comes to keeping children’s bodies safe from predators? Isn’t this “Respect Yourself” website just another manipulation of a good term that is preying on the children of Britain?

The Comrade Who Rocks The Cradle…

This piece about how British liberties are being systematically taken from families was contributed by British WOW members.

For the last few days, we in the UK have had a reprieve from the Great Brexit Betrayal, as our Parliament of Traitors has gone into recess, in order for our MPs to enjoy their party conference season: a time when politicians and their party members retire to the seaside, congratulate themselves on a job well done and scheme for the reopening of Parliament in a few weeks’ time. And, oh, hasn’t it given us some laughs? A cursory glance at Twitter will show just about anyone how hilarious it has been – how the country’s conservatives (with the notably small “c”) have chuckled at the Labour Party, in particular, and their folly. “What larks, Pip”, they giggle. “What larks!”

We have seen, for example, Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Minister, standing on a podium before her party delegates, addressing them all as “comrades” and regaling them all with tales of her youthful dalliances. With a wink and a nod reminiscent of Hattie Jacques in the old Carry On films, the venerable Ms. Thornberry told the packed room that, as she was lying with her head in a gutter following an accident, her life flashing before her eyes, she thought: “Blimey, that was fun … and it wasn’t running through fields of wheat, comrades!” The compliant BBC dutifully let the camera pan the room, showing how the audience laughed …Oooh, Matron! Saucy! All the while, conservative Twitter shook their heads and collectively smirked at her silliness. What larks!

Then there was the risible Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary, butt of a thousand memes and alumnus, no doubt, of the same School of Mythical Economics as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, cheerfully informing a BBC reporter that, despite having sent her own child to a fee-paying school, she nevertheless supported the Labour Party’s proposals to “abolish” private schools and “integrate” their wealth into the State Education system…

… and it is here, I am afraid, that the laughs began to die down. Just a few short months ago, this suggestion was being floated by a handful of backbench MPs, whilst the country’s middle classes smiled and thought that such a thing could never, really, happen. Surely nobody could seriously believe that the long arm of the State would reach into the privately-owned property of independent schools and appropriate their wealth, to redistribute it as they see fit? No, certainly not. To remove parental choice from hardworking mothers and fathers who go without, in order to give their children the very best start they can afford? Never.

Yet, here we are. In Britain now, our Opposition Party openly states that it intends not only to prevent parents from choosing the best school for their child but, moreover, to repossess the finances of those schools (which are only slightly less constrained by The National Curriculum – something similar to the American Common Core) and redistribute them into State Education. Naturally, there is one, very notable exception: as pointed out by redoubtable journalist and conservative talking head, Katie Hopkins, this plan does not, of course, apply to the many taxpayer-funded Islamic schools which have sprung up across the nation in recent years. 

To each according to his needs, indeed.

In this country, The National Curriculum “sets out the programmes of study and attainment targets for all subjects at all 4 key stages” and “all local-authority-maintained schools must teach these programmes of study.” There is no room for manoeuvre and all teachers must adhere to it. But what of its content? 

In December last year, we learned that, “in a victory for transgender rights campaigners”, a school in Brighton had begun teaching primary school children (ages four to eleven) that “boys can have periods too”.

In March, fiery stand-offs took place outside of a primary school in Birmingham, as Moslem parents removed their children from classes in protest at the “No Outsiders” sex education programme, which “they claimed promoted gay and transgender lifestyles” and told Moslem children that “Gay is OK.”

Recently, a friend and home-schooling parent drew my attention to a Key Stage 2 reading comprehension assignment which she had discovered in the National Curriculum English handbook. Focusing on the children’s story Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine, the tasks are designed to “make children aware of gender inequality” and ask them to “imagine waking to discover that they are a different gender.”  All very worthy, I am sure you will agree.

The same Labour Party that wishes to remove parents’ choices when it comes to independent schools has also put forward proposals to “make climate change a core part of the curriculum” addressing “the ecological and social impact of climate change.” Irrespective of the controversy that there is no conclusive scientific evidence that manmade climate change actually exists, children are, under these proposals, to be taught its effects as undisputed fact, in order to prepare them for the “human impacts” (read “immigration”, “increased governmental control” and “higher taxation”) which will inevitably ensue, turning our youth into anxious, Children of the Corn clones of the terrifyingly totalitarian  and pitifully exploited Greta Thunberg. 

Even more worryingly, those who question the received wisdom of manmade climate change could soon be facing legal sanctions, as was debated on 17th September on BBC Radio 2’s daily phone-in programme, The Jeremy Vine Show. At present, of course, this is only a discussion but as my earlier examples illustrate, discussion has its way of intruding into policy … and policy has a way of becoming Law.

From Cradle to Grave

The purpose of this article, however, is not solely to discuss the tenets of The National Curriculum in depth, although I may write another on this topic at a later date. Rather, as the title suggests, its intention is to explore the ways in which the long arm of the State increasingly invades the private family lives of citizens. Which leads me to a few more suggestions which have recently come to light.

Some years ago, I visited the Museum of East Germany in Berlin and saw an exhibition of the Communist Party’s pledge concerning State governance “from the cradle to the grave.” Under the guise of promoting equality for mothers, babies were taken into State-run childcare at a few months old, in order that both parents could quickly return to work. They then stayed in government facilities until the end of their formal education, ensuring, of course, that their indoctrination could be absolute and that they would not encounter dissenting opinions which opposed those of the Communist Party. It should come as a surprise to absolutely no-one, then, that similar ideas are now being discussed in Britain, where debates are taking place regarding longer school days, increased childcare, shorter school holidays and the free provision of breakfast, lunch and dinner – all at the taxpayer’s expense and all designed to ensure that parents’ working days are uninterrupted and that their children’s daily care is provided by professionals, rather than their own loving family. Why run the risk of allowing parents to promote dissenting opinions, when the State can raise a child so much better? Similarly, the Media’s insidious drip-feeding of anti-home-schooling programmes and articles which imply that only dangerous cranks and oddballs would remove their children from the school system, just as the practice is becoming more popular, can be seen as part of the same process: “trust us”, says the State, “we know what is best for your family”.

“Surely this is enough?” I hear you cry. “Surely there can be no more? Surely it will suffice, at least for now, to propose the removal of parents’ school choices, to indoctrinate their children with uncorroborated pseudoscience, to propose the care of their children from morning to night and to demonise those who opt-out of the educational system?” Well, not quite – because the socialist Scottish National Party went one step further still and put forth a proposal to allocate a “named person” for every child in Scotland, to monitor family life, provide a point of contact outside of the home and to ensure that no child is being exposed to ideas or practices which dissent from the ideological aims of the Scottish Government. Mercifully, the plan has been revoked – at least for the time being – as parents argued that it amounted to nothing more than a “Snoopers’ Charter”, terrifyingly reminiscent of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eight-Four – but the proposal was made and, as we have already seen, proposals do have a tendency to wend their ways into legislation … eventually.

Be Warned

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, firstly, I am giving you a warning. 

To my American friends: we in the UK have become so accustomed to Government interference that many people now passively accept this growing encroachment upon our private lives; that which seemed impossible just a few short years ago is now being openly discussed at party political conferences and proposed as legislation. Whilst all of this may sound outlandish to you now, please bear in mind that it did once to us, too – but the gradual drip-feeding of these notions has already begun in the USA, where States like California have shoehorned the LGBT agenda into the school curriculum and proposed making ethnic studies mandatory. 

Secondly, to my fellow Britons: this has to stop. There is no end to the incursions which the State will make upon our family lives – no proposal will be too extreme, no interference too great. The long march through the institutions began many years ago – it will not cease; it knows no bounds. If we do not wrest back control of our family lives now – right now – it will be too late. As the silent majority of the country sit back and shake their heads, tittering at the folly of the likes of Abbott and Thornbury, they miss the vital point: the conservatives are losing, the Right is losing … unless we fight for our children now, we will very soon have lost. The hand is hovering over the cradle: don’t let it rule the world.

October = National Down Syndrome Month

It is a great time to celebrate the lives of those to make us all remember how unique each person is; our friends with Down syndrome. October is National Down syndrome month and needs celebration.

Of the preborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome:

  • 100% are aborted in Iceland
  • 98% are aborted in Denmark
  • 67% are aborted in the US

Some may say Iceland has achieved a miracle statistic of 0% babies born with Down syndrome, when in reality their 0% statistic is just them bragging about how easy it is to kill people who are different in Iceland. They have to abort 100% of Down syndrome babies to have 0% born with Down syndrome.

When did it become okay to kills someone just because they are different? When did the perceived inconvenience of raising a child who has different needs become a reason for murder of the innocent? We need to stop this senseless discrimination and killing. Doesn’t each person deserve a chance at life?

Who is really behind the normalization of killing babies anyway? The eugenics movement was the beginning of the abortion trend. The idea of promoting elective abortion to lower class, minority, and parents anticipating developmentally different children was the plan conceived by those hoping to develop a super human race and get rid of undesirables while also keeping the masses in check.

(Sarcasm tone for this next part.) Think how awful it would be if masses of people got a fair chance at life and decided to reach their full potential? Then, all the big businesses would have even more competition. Can all of this killing really be just for money and world control? Can people really be that heartless. Sadly, yes.

Join WOW as we express our gratitude for our friends with Down syndrome this month. Please share this post and video so that we can remind the world that all people have a reason to live.

WOW Brings Cultural Revolution to the UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

WOW has always been dedicated to strengthening families to improve life for children and future generations. This past August at the UN Civil Society conference in Salt Lake City, WOW presented a session called “Cultural Parenting Revolution for a Socially Sustainable Future”.

If our future generations don’t feel empowered enough to control themselves they will always be in bondage to their behaviors and mistakes. What issues are facing children today? We are witnessing suicide, depression, disconnection, addiction, dissatisfaction with life, poor communication skills, fractured relationships, feelings of victimhood, and being overwhelmed.

As with any social problem, children’s issues are created by multiple problems. But, one thing social science backs up is that children who have strong families have greater gains as children and adults.

This Cultural Parenting Revolution combined parenting experts Nicholeen Peck and Dr. Jennifer Jensen, who talked about intentional things parents can do to create stability and safety for their children.

This event was a great success! The room was filled and people left understanding that strong families need to be and essential part of the UN conversation on sustainable futures. Reports of excitement from multiple conference attendees that their new focus would be on strengthening families, given to WOW from other NGOs at the conference confirmed that the message WOW and Gathering Families gave about being intentional and self-governed in our family relationships really hit home.

As a side note, WOW also collaborated with NAFFA, Native American Families and Fatherhood Association, for another event dedicated to honoring women and girls. WOW focused on the programs it is doing in Africa to help women and girls sustain their families and provide for children.

Parenting with Grace

Children aren’t perfect, and neither are parents. However, parenting isn’t about being perfect. And, there’s no such thing as a perfect child. Of course, perfection isn’t the goal of my parenting anyway. My goal has always been to create joyful adults. Joyful adults are those that know what their mission in life is and they’re dedicated and eager to do what it takes to achieve this mission. They also have solid relationships with God and family. 

The key to becoming joyful parents and joyfully parenting is learning how to parent with grace. There are two ways I practice grace during parenting. And in the process, it helps my children become who they’re meant to be.

Giving Hearts

The purpose of nurturing and guiding children is to train their hearts toward goodness. To touch the heart of a child, the parent’s heart must also be turned toward the child. In order for the child to trust the parent to guide his/her heart, there must be a feeling of goodwill and caring from the parent. How can parents maintain a soft heart while helping their child have a change of heart too?

To create an environment that feels safe for a heart to change, a parent must lead by principle — not by emotional reactions. Additionally, the parenting should be honest. This requires consistent, well-taught and predictable teaching. That includes proper correcting during interactions. But the most important part of creating a heart-changing atmosphere at home is keeping the parent’s heart in the right place.

This is important because people learn more from feeling than they do by logic. Logic is required to discover rational honesty in order to engage the will and brain in overcoming selfish desires and dangerous, uncharitable misconceptions. But it’s the feeling or tone that exists in any given situation that has the power to change the heart for the good… or bad.

So, to manipulate a heart you use controlling or fearful feelings. But to honestly transform a heart, you have to use genuine honest feelings. Yes, there are different kinds of feelings. There are dishonest, selfish feelings and there are honest, duty driven, charitable feelings. Real understanding, compassionate, service-oriented love — for instance — is a kind of feeling that makes us better people and lets others know they really matter to us. But, passion-driven, preference oriented, physical love is really only about one person wanting another to comply with them for selfish reasons, which is manipulative.

When a parent or a child has a genuine, heart-felt love for the other, then he/she gives their whole heart to the person, nothing wavering. This means they don’t talk in ways that attack others. They don’t think the worst of the other or gossip about the other. It’s this feeling of giving the whole heart that makes any teaching or accepting of a correction feel safe, honest and unified.

Grace Moments

Fully understanding and applying grace is a lifetime pursuit of mine. It’s more than can be taught in this short article. So, for this parenting lesson I’m going to focus on two aspects of grace that can be easily applied to our parenting moments:

  1. Seeing them through it.
  2. Giving them heart power.

First, seeing them through it could mean helping children through their life’s challenges as a loving, always-there-for-them support. Or it could mean no matter what behaviors we see on the outside; we should take the time to see the “real” them on the inside. Both of these applications are important for transforming our parenting moments into moments of grace.

I see so many parents emotionally turn against their children when the hard moments come. They feel the bed wetting, the teasing, the emotional barriers, and the attitude problems are too much to handle. As a result, parents then end up feeling frustrated and alone. Frustration and loneliness are two signs that the heart isn’t in the right place.

Home should always be the safest place to make mistakes. We must not take mistakes personally. If any mistake is okay to work through, then parents are properly supportive.

Seeing children through it also means seeing their true value despite their behaviors or mistakes. This is the most important focus a parent can have. When children don’t meet expectations, it’s easy to obsess over bad qualities and become bothered by the children. It’s not a parent’s job to focus attention on what they’ve done wrong as much as it is to focus attention on what they need to learn in order to do right. Both focuses require correction, but only one focus is productive.

Second, parents should focus on giving their child heart power. To really have grace is to share this heart power. This means a parent wouldn’t be content with keeping all the love, all the truth, all the correct behaviors, all the understanding, or all the attachment to themselves. Rather, they would willingly do all they can to help the child develop these strengths as well.

The best way to help others feel empowered to become their best is a process I think of as touching hearts. Every time a parent teaches their children about life, family, corrections that need to be made, and the purpose of it all, they must do it with heart. They look into their child’s eyes and think, “I love you. You are a great person who I feel privileged to teach. I love you.”

These thoughts come through, even when a parent is telling a child to do a chore or fix a mistake he/she has made. This feeling never stops. This is a feeling that never, ever gives up on the child — no matter how bad the choices are that the child makes. I know it’s easier said than done to feel this love during corrections. But trust me; it is possible.

It’s my goal to bring every interaction and relationship I have up to this level. The work is slow; and my imperfections are apparent. But, when I have moments that feel like parenting grace, I am motivated for a lifetime! Nothing can compare to the increased love I feel for my child and for God during these moments. For I know that without His love and understanding for me, I wouldn’t have enough power to show love to others in this way.

Parenting A House United: Changing Children Hearts and Behaviors by Teaching Self-Government is a book designed to help parents and children have a change of heart.

Trump Stops Abortion Advocacy

From the beginning of his presidency, US President, Donald Trump, has been clear about his opposition to Planned Parenthood taking federal dollars to increase the number babies being killed by abortion. This week he announced that the government is going to be checking up on Planned Parenthood and others by enforcing the rule that health clinics who receive US title X funding for health care, cannot promote or encourage abortions.

We are mid way through a year fraught with abortion debates starting with some states declaring infanticide legal and other states combating these extreme full term and post birth abortion laws with more restrictive abortion laws which decrease the legal weeks allowed for abortion and disallow discrimination based abortion of Down’s Syndrome children solely because they are diagnosed Down’s Syndrome.

Now Planned Parenthood has answered back by declaring they will no longer take any title X funding provided by the US government for their clinics around the country. This is great news for our future society. Planned Parenthood has used government money as they have coerced low income and minority women to terminate their babies for far too long.

Jacqueline Ayers, vice president of government relations & public policy at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said Planned Parenthood is not going to stop encouraging abortions.

“It is unethical and dangerous to require health care providers to withhold important information from patients,” Ayers’ statement said. “During this period of limbo while we wait for the court to rule, our affiliates are not using federal Title X funds to provide care. We are continuing to fight this illegal rule in court and to provide care to all people — no matter what.”

Planned Parenthood says it will be using some of it’s own savings to continue to offer abortion services to women. Women still pay to have abortion procedures at the Planned Parenthood clinics, so it doesn’t seem that Planned Parenthood will lose too much of its savings. NPR reported that, “Officials say about 40% of Title X recipients nationwide receive health services at the group’s clinics.”

This very well may be the second most memorable abortion year on record in the United States, second only to 1973 when the historic Roe V Wade decision was made. It is a very good thing that the momentum in the abortion and life debate is swinging toward respecting lives, no matter their socio-economic class. The United States, and other countries, need to stop discriminating against low income and ethnic minorities around the world by funding the killing of their babies. It is time to return to common sense and overturn Roe V Wade.

Voiceless: The Silencing of European Women


It’s ironic that in a time of woman power, that women in Europe are being persecuted for doing what women have always done, protect children. What does a woman do when she knows she needs to stand up for the right but she literally fears for her life and the life of her family? She lets someone else tell her story, which is what this British woman is doing. We recently met an inspiring British woman who was looking for a place to live outside of her homeland, because Britain doesn’t seem as family friendly or even as woman friendly as it once did. What could be so bad about Britain, the legendary example nation to the world? Well, they are silencing women who speak out against the mistreatment of children. Here are the real words of a real British woman who, sadly, must remain anonymous for her safety.

From One of the Voiceless 

It might surprise you to be reading this article – in all honesty, it surprises me to be writing it. Perhaps, when you read the title, you imagined its author living in some cold, bleak, post-Soviet bloc, where the hangover from Communism still causes women to be afraid? If that is the case, you’d be wrong. This author speaks to you from rural England – that bastion of freedom – that land of the Mother of all Parliaments.

You might have heard, in recent years, of our crackdown on Free Speech: you’ve probably heard of high-profile cases, like that of Tommy Robinson, the activist-turned-journalist who, at the time of writing, has just been sentenced to six months in gaol for exposing Moslem child rape gangs. I’d be willing to bet, however, that you haven’t heard of Melanie Shaw, the whistle-blower who, in 2014, tried to highlight the paedophilic rape being perpetrated by members of the British Establishment and who, following a secret trial in 2017, has been illegally imprisoned, in solitary confinement, without access to medical treatment or legal advice, ever since. Ms. Shaw was herself a child in care who had been subjected to sexual abuse; as an adult she worked with children in the care system and attempted to shine a spotlight on the horrendous exploitation of vulnerable young people.

We aren’t sure where Melanie is now. In recent hearings, she hasn’t been in attendance. She has, to all intents to and purposes, been ‘disappeared’. Melanie Shaw has been silenced.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is far-fetched, conspiracy nonsense – I did, when I first heard about it. Sadly, though, this is not the case; Ms. Shaw’s plight is well-documented and can easily be researched – but she isn’t the only one.

In March this year, Catholic mother and journalist Caroline Farrow was arrested and detained for saying that the administration of hormonal treatment to teenagers which causes them to change sex is tantamount to child abuse. She argued that this insane practice of socially engineering children is a form of child cruelty – which it is. There can’t be any doubt about that. Those studies which it has been possible to research have shown that hormonal treatment has devastating, long term effects on children, leading to increased mental health issues and even suicide. In the very same month that Mrs. Farrow was arrested, five whistle-blowers from the taxpayer-funded Gender Identity Development Service NHS clinic quit their jobs after revealing that children as young as three were being subjected to unnecessary gender-reassignment treatment.

Since her arrest, Caroline Farrow has been subjected to death threats and doxxing; her husband and children have been attacked. Farrow has received very little support from the Police in the face of these dangers – her opinions have rendered her an ‘unperson’ – Mrs. Farrow and her family, it appears, are not worth saving. Caroline Farrow has been silenced.

In December 2018, Kate Scottow faced similar treatment, having been embroiled in a Twitter spat with a Stephanie Hayden, a transsexual woman. During their exchange, Scottow referred to Hayden by her former name, a process known as ‘dead naming’. For this crime, Ms. Scottow, a young mother of two small children, was arrested. She was taken away from her family and placed in Police custody; unable to breastfeed her infant child, she was denied access to sanitary protection products and had her computers and mobile devices seized. Ms. Scottow’s computer has still not been returned, thus making it impossible for her to complete her Masters’ degree in Forensic Psychology.

Kate Scottow too, then, has been silenced.

I wish I could say that it stops there – that this madness is a recent phenomenon from which we will soon recover but it is not so.

In November 2012, an unnamed couple from Rotherham, a town in the north of England, were involved in actively campaigning for the UK Independence Party (UKIP). At the behest of Rotherham Social Services, the couple’s three foster children were removed from their care. Not because they were poor parents – indeed, the opposite is true and witnesses testified to their kindness and dedication – their children were removed because of their politics. This family was ripped-apart by ‘wrong-think’, their children stolen by a council which has, since, become synonymous with scandal and cover-up after it transpired that it had actively hidden decades of rape and abuse of more than twelve-hundred white, Christian girls by Moslem child rape gangs. In an act of pure vindictiveness and spite, Rotherham Social Services destroyed that family and silenced those parents, forcing three vulnerable children back into the care system.

As I sit here, writing this, I am filled with shame at what my country has become. I know that my views – normal, rational, traditional views – are commonly held by most of the women in this country – but I also know that most of the women in this country are afraid to make their voices heard. We all know that the trans agenda, for example, is utter folly: of course hormonally treating children and rendering them permanently damaged and infertile is abuse. Obviously this is the case! Of course allowing half-naked men in bondage gear to twerk with young boys on the streets of our cities is paedophilic – of course it is sick – but who dares to say it?

Naturally, an immigration policy which promotes open borders to those who do not share our values and then a two-tier legal system which grants immunity to those who abuse our children is untenable and unsustainable.

Obviously a school curriculum which teaches infants about masturbation before they can read or write is immoral; naturally, teaching children about any form of sexuality, let alone homosexuality, transsexuality and onanism before they have even reached double figures is unethical. Equally, it goes without saying that promoting the Royal College of Midwives’ advice to young girls that abortion up until birth is just another form of contraception is not only inaccurate but evil.

Clearly, a Government which covers for paedophilic Establishment and Moslem rapists whilst imprisoning those who speak out against it is corrupt to its very core.

Yet who would dare to speak these truths?

So here I am, pregnant with our first child – and I write this under cover of anonymity. This isn’t because I have a taste for the dramatic or am being sensationalist – I am not doing it for effect. I am anonymous because I have a genuine, rational fear that my telling you all of this could lead to my arrest. I could be imprisoned … our child could be taken away. It is no exaggeration for me to tell you that my husband and I already have a contingency plan that I might, one day, have to seek refuge in Hungary with our daughter and that he would join us later. I have a very real fear too that my identity could be released, my businesses and reputation destroyed. There would no comeback – no defense in the Press. Our lives would be ruined. I would be done for.

I am not a high-profile celebrity, vying for attention … I am just a normal woman, a business owner, a wife, a Catholic, soon to become a mother … and I am telling you all of this because I am afraid – but I have not, yet, been silenced.

International Database Scandal Uncovered At World Congress

This year at the World Congress in Verona, Italy, WOW uncovered the international database scandal that is targeted at children all over the world. Here is a video of the presentation done at the congress.

Database companies in schools, libraries, even online homeschools are subjecting innocent children around the world to pornographic content and calling it “safe”. Sadly, teachers and school officials don’t know this problem exists, so children get exposed without anyone stopping the exploitation.

We call upon responsible citizens and leaders of governments, churches, and communities everywhere to hold these database companies accountable for the harm they are doing young people via schools, libraries, universities, and more. We need to remove EBSCO, Hoopla, Cengage, Gale, etc from our services until they actually clean up their databases.