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Join WOW for Utah’s Mom’s March for America

The Mom’s March for America is a national gathering of mothers that WOW supports. It’s purpose is to bring recognition to the powerful influence of mothers in our homes, communities, and nation. In addition, the event’s purpose is to help Moms, “raise the bar of decency, civility, and liberty in our culture”. The main event …

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Defending Motherhood

Considering the consistent shouts for equality for women and the blatant attacks on motherhood, motherhood needs defending. I’m fairly certain public school had a negative effect on me and my identity. When I was a small girl, I loved nothing more than playing house, taking care of my baby dolls, and babysitting. But, by the time …

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The Talk

I have the privilege of being Mom to four wonderful daughters. As head of our little feminine sphere, I’ve had to initiate lots of mother/daughter chats of various sorts- biological, social, etc, and the cautionary type, especially of the opposite sex. The youngest has reached the age where some of these talks follow in rapid …

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The Hopeful Mother

The whole idea of motherhood is an implication of hope. Her business is about raising the next generation as she keeps an eye toward the future and the possibilities for her posterity, which fills her heart and mind with all sorts of ideals. Wouldn’t it then be strange, that mother in keeping to her duty …

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The Bathroom Debate Exposed

Recently, North Carolina has been called stupid, mean,out-of-touch, etc. because they refuse to adopt gender neutral bathrooms. At the same time, big companies like Target have said that all of their bathrooms are gender neutral. People have walked into Target locations with phones recording in their pockets and asked if they, as men, can use …

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