WOW Africa Debate For Girl Schools Was A Huge Success!

WOW Africa celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child by hosting a debate about women and girls. Vital discussion was had and lives were improved. WOW Africa is continuing to work with under-privileged schools to help them develop the skills they need to raise women out of poverty and to become leaders.

Raising Daughters Into Strong Women A Different Way

My views have changed. During my teen and young adult years, I thought that women needed to do everything men did, and women did, in order to be strong. But, now that I have seen every dimension of womanhood firsthand, I see that my views of women and myself lacked depth and understanding when I was young, and I was heavily influenced by socially-promoted assumptions. I was easily influenced by social conversations that put people into limiting boxes. Luckily time, example, and experience are great teachers of truth, and I was never one to allow someone else to put me in a box, stereotypical or otherwise.

Recently released movies and books are often portraying women as aggressors and uncaring in order to show female strength. Yet, every child knows that nowhere feels as safe as being in the protective embrace of their mommy. So, who is really stronger, a female super hero or a nurturing mother or grandmother? Who really overcomes the most intense hardships and has the greatest social influence? And, is it bad or good to be a girl who throws punches? How are our daughters doing at navigating our confusing social messages about what makes a strong woman?

A short time ago, I was visiting a university campus and saw a young woman with a shirt that said, “Be Rude.” This message was clearly meant to sound strong, but when I saw it, I didn’t see strength. I saw a woman who was giving up one of her greatest strengths, the strength that literally changes the world, the power to nurture others through kindness.

Raising daughters who embrace their full womanhood and nurturing power in a world of voices that limit women to extrinsic pursuits like popularity, fortune, and sex appeal can be difficult. However, parents can help their daughters safely navigate all the conflicting messages by focusing on the following four lessons.

5 Lessons To Teach

Fortunately, I was raised to be a hard worker and to not be afraid of getting my hands dirty. I played sports, danced, accessorized, mowed lawns, and chopped wood. I was just as likely to play basketball competitively with my dates as I was likely to teach them to tie a quilt. In fact, on a couple of occasions I got black eyes from basketball dating accidents.

Lesson 1 —Talents are varied between the sexes, and girls can try all the activities, including domestic ones.

True to the legacy of strong women in my family tree, my parents raised me to be strong in all ways. I was taught about the social, physical, intellectual, familial, and spiritual influence women have, and the ability they have to direct relationships, social circles, business outcomes, and global ideas.

Lesson 2 —Women need to keep a long view vision of what they want to create. Women often set the tone for society because of their ability to influence others. Men and children often follow cues from women. Teach your daughters the truth about their influence and that they will change lives and the world, whether they want to or not. So, they might as well plan for what they want the people around them to turn out like so that they can be more focused on their pursuits.

The other day I heard a great man talk about his recently departed wife. This man had received some of the greatest honors and status that his religious and business communities could give him. While speaking of these honors, he gave all the glory to his wife. With a humble heart he said that he hoped she could see from beyond the grave what he had become because of her influence, leadership, and work ethic. Their mutual service to and acceptance of each other had simultaneously lifted both of them up. They didn’t compete with each other or engage in the battle of the sexes, which always divides and creates discontentment in relationships. Instead, they each did what they were best suited to do and nurtured and appreciated each other and their differences all along the way.

Lesson 3 — Don’t teach girls to see boys as “the competition” or engage in the battle of the sexes. These battles create a pattern for selfishness in relationships. Teach them instead to lift and lead (which sometimes means follow) with love and understanding, even if they are competing in some event and working hard for a win.

Lesson 4 — Love motherhood! Motherhood is the most womanly act a woman ever engages in. Treat motherhood with the greatest respect. If you are the mother, learn to love what you are doing to serve your family. Complaining creates confusion and can give the impression that being a mother or woman isn’t wonderful or powerful. Don’t engage in seeking negative attention by whining or complaining. Celebrate all the good moments, and plan to be grateful for your power to literally script the life of another person. And if you aren’t a mother, talk respectfully of mothers so that girls learn to love who they are and will likely become.

My mother regularly told me that what she wanted more than anything in life was to be a mother to her children. She made diligent efforts to be happy and fun and make wonderful memories for me and my siblings. In fact, as a grandmother, she hasn’t stopped cooking up inspiring memories yet!

Additionally, my mother told me stories of her favorite memories with her mother and grandmothers. I saw and felt firsthand how their influences formed her into the person she was in my life. Tell stories of the power of mothers and women in your family tree or inspiring women in your life. Your love that is felt during those stories will show your daughters that womanhood truly does change lives.

Lesson 5 —Teach good communication and relationship-building skills. Women have an amazing ability to unify and motivate or to fracture relationships and create war. So, when we teach our daughters to calmly share differences of opinion by disagreeing appropriately with others, and how to openly and kindly solve problems as a family, then we are laying a foundation for future home, career, and social happiness.

My Views Have Changed

I used to think that I had to be more masculine, more rough, more uncaring, more like the many heroic women portrayed in the media today. That one-dimensional view of women and power is laughable to me now. A woman is so much more. Women hold society and families together by opening their hearts and taking people into it. Women can cause social ills or solve them simply by pointing their attention in a certain direction. Mothers and grandmothers are the hearts and hearthstones of society. They keep the people moral, or not, and are a constant reminder that sacrifice and love are stronger than any bully.

Let us raise our daughters into strong women in a different way so that they can find more confidence and power in their womanhood, instead of always feeling that they are not good enough because they are a woman. Those lies, sadly often perpetuated by other women, only hurt our daughters. They need the truth about womanhood, that all women really do change the world.

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Ivanka Trump Speaks At The Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Event

The United States State Department hosted a great live stream event for women on August 11, 2020. The State Department seems to have created a very productive program that they are referring to as WGDP [Women’s Global Development and Prosperity]. The program is working closely with USAID, the US foreign aid arm, to truly empower women globally. 

This well designed program focuses on how the barriers to women’s participation in the economy can be removed. The program expands entrepreneurial influence by giving skills building and training. They’re also giving leadership training so that women can better navigate their local business climates. 

The initiative is a great platform to build and strengthen women where they are while still respecting their unique cultures and environments. This cultural respect has always been important to WOW. 

Ivanka Trump, advisor to the president, talked about how they have worked diligently to form partnerships with private and business sectors to fund this initiative. They have raised millions of dollars and have helped over 12 million women better succeed economically in the first year alone. Some of the contributors to WGDP are Wal-Mart, Discover Card, WeConnect, and Microsoft Corp, as well as over 400 other contributors. 

This initiative shows that the solution to women’s empowerment and economic success and equality doesn’t need to be an issue that wars are waged on or sexual or abortion services are applied to. This initiative shows so eloquently and simply that solutions for the economic empowerment of women have nothing to do with reproductive rights or abortion, and that global battles don’t need to be fought over the issue. Instead, people around the globe with good intentions can just come together and do something about it. 

During the question section of the broadcast the head of WGDP was asked why the initiative doesn’t include “reproductive rights” and “maternal rights.” These terms both mean abortion services in legal documents. The WGDP replied perfectly stating that the initiative is designed to do the most good for the most women with the least amount of money expended, and is also designed to be a program that all people can unite behind. 

Another questioner asked why the initiative wasn’t being more publicly talked about. It was clear from the answer to the question that the WGDP isn’t an initiative about getting attention or participating in activism wars, but it is an initiative that is meant to get things done and help people. 

This approach is so wise of the State Department. How refreshing it was for me to watch this broadcast that wasn’t selling a perspective on the needs of women, but was instead saying that they have noticed the following problems, women not having the same ability to own land or start business or have internet services in certain parts of the world, and that they are doing something about it. 

WOW Africa and WOW have worked tirelessly over the years at the United Nations and in meetings with national and local officials to bring attention to the problem of inheritance rights issues in many countries, and it seems someone has heard us at last and is really doing something valuable to take steps toward actually doing something about the problem. 

This seemingly productive initiative runs counter to what WOW has seen in years past from NGOs and UN officials who claim to be for empowering women around the world but only push one agenda. Many NGOs say they want women’s empowerment, but only push abortion services and test medical gadgets and drugs on our African sisters. Many NGOs say they are going to help women in African and Asian nations earn more money and get better education, and only try to recruit women to wave their abortion or sexual rights flags for them on their home soils. 

Women have been badly used by NGOs and UN agencies with agendas to push sexual and political ideologies for far too long. It seems that the US State Department under the Trump administration has cut through the politics and agendas at last to finally just do something good for women. 

WOW has not reviewed the entire program yet, but was very impressed at the intent expressed during the latest WGDP broadcast. WOW will watch the WGDP initiative with interest in the coming months and years, and hopes it stays the course it was started upon.

Our Destiny and Daddies

Sick, horrified, disgusted, and worried are just some of the words that describe how I felt when an innocent search through the student portal of the Utah Online Library database pulled up graphic porn in a resource that was supposed to be for children about daddies. The resource said that daddies were adult men who engage in sexual relationships with children of either sex. My stomach churned as I wondered, “How are people allowing the destruction of the destiny of real daddies and the abuse of children like this?” I refuse to use such an endearing term as “daddy” to describe pedophiles on websites that exploit children. Daddies have great destinies that impact us all. 

Destiny means, “State or condition appointed or predetermined; ultimate fate.” (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary) What is the destiny of a daddy? A daddy’s destiny is to provide for his family and protect them. That may sound too simplistic, or like something mommy could do too, but she can’t; at least not like a good daddy does it. I’m not endorsing stereotypes. Anyone can mow a lawn or cook a meal. Roles/destinies are so much more than task lists. 

The primary role and destiny of mother is to nurture. This may seem insignificant to some women, but her role is so significant that she’s irreplaceable. Mothers weave the moral fabric for society and lead each of us toward purposeful living through skill and heart training. Or, they don’t. Either way, they’re nurturing us all. Where do we end up without rock solid nurturing in our lives? The destiny of mothers is important, but often grossly under-appreciated, even by women themselves. What many mommies might not realize is that, without daddies, their destinies of nurturing their children’s hearts is not as effective. The destinies of mommies and daddies are intertwined. 

What does it really mean to provide and protect? I recently  spoke with a father who cares for the children at home while his wife makes the money for the family. He said, “I’ve come to understand that providing for my children doesn’t necessarily mean making money.” He’s right. And protecting the family doesn’t necessarily mean having big muscles and using weapons to stop bad guys either, even though historically daddies usually are the best prepared to fight off bad guys because they often learn about weapons and have big muscles. 

To provide means to do work or plan ahead of time for a future need. When I plant seeds in my garden, I’m providing for future nourishment needs. When I read books, I’m providing for the future teaching of my children. What does a daddy provide? What is more attractive than looks or money to a mommy? Security. When a daddy, who is usually the biggest and strongest, says something will be okay, everyone believes him. Daddies don’t allow themselves to worry too much. They keep pushing forward with faith that they can conquer the next hardship. This mental preparation makes them great leaders. Daddies also provide by preparing their hearts and characters to sacrifice, learn, have duty, be reverent and humble, show love and understanding, teach truth, impart wisdom, work hard, be loyal, be honest, and so much more. Yes, there is something about a strong man providing/preparing themselves to give their all for their families that no one else can ever adequately substitute for. The security from a really good daddy is felt for generations. 

To protect is “to cover,” or to put himself between the family and the threats against the family. There are many ways daddies can choose to do this. How does a daddy cover his family from these threats? 

1. Social, Political, or Familial war –  By making home a moral, peaceful, and strong place.

2. Sin – By eradicating sin within himself, seeking spiritual strength, and praying over his family regularly.

3. Famine or hardship –  He teaches the family, by example, the life skills and adaptability needed to live providently and wisely so that future needs can easily be met.

4. Manipulation and broken family bonds –  By taking the time to master his tongue, soften his impulses, and seek to understand his family members, he gently leads them toward peace. 

This list is just a beginning of how protector-daddies cover us. 

Since the destinies of mothers and fathers are intertwined, mommies also have an important part to play in protecting the family. If daddy is providing/preparing himself the way he should, then mommy trusts daddy, and allows him to cover the family. A man who masters himself earns the trust and respect of his wife. She endorses and appreciates daddy’s protection so that he knows his protection has been done right and is accepted. This moral influence upon daddy’s destiny, the destiny of herself, and the destiny of her children, is how mommy nurtures. And, daddy protects mommy, because to him, she embodies all that is right, good, and true; not because she demands special treatment. Daddies and mommies are constantly feeding the destinies/roles of each other. 

The destinies of mommies and daddies create functional, intact families, which are the families who weather the storms of life best. According to the Marri Research Institute, (who specializes in social science studies related to families), children who come from intact families have greater psychological stability, have better health and later deaths, earn higher grades, have higher high school graduation and college attendance rates, are less likely to behave disruptively or aggressively in classes, do their homework more, have more positive attitudes, and experience less abuse.    

Every family is different, and despite their best efforts, many families may not be intact any longer. The negative effects of this disruption in families is best countered by the attachment and help of loving extended family members or close friends. 

When daddies desire to live their destinies to provide for and protect their families, everyone is improved. Children see the need to turn their hearts toward goodness and strong character development, just like mom has been teaching them to do, when they see mommy’s heart turn toward daddy’s character/providing and protection. If daddy is the living example of mommy’s teachings, then the children believe the lessons are true. Children will turn out to be as virtuous as their fathers show them they should be. And fathers will be as virtuous as mothers teach/nurture them to be, so long as daddies stay teachable. Daddy’s destiny links to the destiny of us all.  

Let’s stop promoting so many lies about daddies. It hurts everyone. Daddies aren’t sex objects who prey on the smaller and younger. Daddies aren’t buffoons who have to be controlled by mommies. Daddies have power. Lots of power. So do mommies of course, but that is an article for another day. Happy Father’s Day!  

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Wildness and a Mother’s Historic Hold Upon Our Hearts

When I first started doing policy work for the WOW organization I was shocked to see radical feminist NGO groups having open hostility and disdain for motherhood, yet also declaring they were activists for creating strong women. How is a woman strong at all when she tears down other women? It’s weak, manipulative, immature social behavior to try to make yourself look important by tearing other people down or ripping people apart.

Yesterday, May 9, 2020, emotions about motherhood came to the forefront as a young Australian child was ripped from his mother’s arms kicking and screaming while his mother was getting detained. The footage of the treatment of this child and mother is heart-wrenching to watch because we all know a child needs their mother for security and mental well-being. I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone was factoring in the trauma the child was facing and what the outcomes of that trauma might be fore that child. No one can replace a child’s mother. And, because of this fact, that we all personally know, we set aside a day each year to honor our mothers.

Since ancient times the importance of motherhood has been honored. Celebrations and festivals to honor Greek and Roman mother goddesses and the Christian celebration of “Mothering Sunday” during lent all happened long before the modern Mother’s Day we know today. So, how did Mother’s Day come about?

Ann Reeves Jarvis, from the US state of Virginia, started “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” prior to the Civil War to teach women how to better care for their children. After the Civil War, Jarvis and her “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” played an important role in unifying the most socially and politically divided state in the nation where she lived by hosting “Mother’s Friendship Day”. On these occasions the clubs would invite Union and Confederate soldiers to talk openly in order to promote reconciliation. It was this action by Jarvis that led the nation to make the second Sunday in May a national holiday dedicated to honoring the power and influence of Mothers in all of our lives.

Mothers, like Jarvis, have a history of not only mothering their children, but mothering communities and nations too. Even women who aren’t mothers yet, can be motherly influences upon the world when they promote high morals, values, and love of mankind. Jarvis’s groups helped bring a war-torn nation together by reaching out with love and creating a safe place for open communication to happen. That’s what mothers do. Jarvis’s clubs also taught mothers how to better care for their children. That’s what mothers do. They teach and lead, and even mother other mothers. The mothering I’ve received by other mothers has been a constant blessing in my life. Every time a mother or loving woman hugs me I think of the love and hugs from my mother.

My mother gives hugs and snuggles. She always has. I still remember crawling into bed with my mom as a child, and her wrapping her arms around me. I remember hugs while canning and cleaning together in the kitchen, and side-hugs while shopping with her. I can still feel those hugs after all these years. They are stamped in my body memory. Because of those memorable, loving embraces, I’ve always hugged and snuggled my children too. And now I have even more memories of truly loving embraces.

Thank you Mom, for showing me what love is, what it looks like, what it feels like, how it serves unselfishly, how it heals all the pains of life, and how it is blind to our imperfections. The example of your love for me helps me recognize God’s love for me. I can better understand how He cares because of how you care. ❤️ You are the heart and hearthstone of the our family. I owe my identity of my your deep and abiding love.

Happy Mother’s Day 2020!

The Power of Women! International Women’s Day 2020

March 8th is International Women’s Day. This is a day when we focus on what it really means to be a woman, and what sets women apart in this world of busy humans running through a rat-race of endless appointments and jobs that need to be done. To determine the true value of women, it’s worth putting the value of a woman in perspective. 

Disturbing Testimony!

This really happened. While sitting in a legislative committee meeting a few weeks ago, a woman commenting during the public comment section of an abortion bill presentation actually, in all seriousness said, “I wish my mother would have aborted me.” 

Never in all my years of working with women have I heard a woman disregard her own life in this way. I don’t know the mental condition or much of the life history of this woman, but I know that this type of sentiment is so rare, that the room was instantly shocked that a person could even suggest such a thing. 

No matter how hard or bad a life is, WOW believes that all life has value. Sure, some people who have been abused or mistreated may question the value of their life experiences. But, we know that survivors end up making strong contributions to society, and that sadness or sorrow leads to learning in its own way. Life isn’t perfect. But, that is actually the point. Despite the imperfectness of the life experiences, we still learn and live and grow and love and succeed in unique ways. 

Power of Women

Mothers start this journey for all of us. The birth process and life afterward won’t be easy for them or us, but they know there’s value in it anyway. They won’t be perfect. We won’t be perfect. But, they exercise their power to choose to bring us here regardless. 

The greatest power that women have is the power to choose to have children. There is no greater human power than the power to create another human being. No other talent, project, job, or activity a woman does can be compared to the ability women have to populate the world. 

When pro-choice advocates scream for more choice for women, WOW knows every woman does have a choice to engage her reproductive powers or not. She has the power to create children and the power to choose to engage in the beginning of the reproductive process (sexual intimacy) or not as well. (Except in cases of rape of course.) 

Women of Influence 

Not only do women have the power to get the people here, but they are the power that sculpts the ideas of the next generation too. While, TV, education, and media outlets have done a lot to capture the attention of the youngsters and have diligently tried to teach them what to think, some how mothers seem to still have more influence on the life of the child if she chooses to actively take the opportunity to use it. 

This power of influence is a power that literally transforms the world. I’m sure some power hungry companies and government officials have wondered how to get as much power as a woman has over her child. They have tried to simulate that power. But nothing really measures up. Wrapped in the arms and love of a mother who brought her child into the world resides the power to stop conflicts, defend truths, and teach nations. 

Unfortunately, the woman I mentioned at the beginning of this article wasn’t taught about her glory and power as a woman. I never thought I’d see the day when a woman would say she disregarded her own life. I know severe amounts of abuse can cause a person to become detached from basic realities. My woman heart reaches out to this woman. Please know that your pain has been felt, your story taught me a lesson. Even though you think your life is pointless, it still influences people. 

All women, whether they are mothers or not, have a motherly influence on the world. Plan today how you will influence the world for good. This is your international day to be grateful you are alive and that you are a woman! 

Happy International Women’s Day! 

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Voiceless: The Silencing of European Women


It’s ironic that in a time of woman power, that women in Europe are being persecuted for doing what women have always done, protect children. What does a woman do when she knows she needs to stand up for the right but she literally fears for her life and the life of her family? She lets someone else tell her story, which is what this British woman is doing. We recently met an inspiring British woman who was looking for a place to live outside of her homeland, because Britain doesn’t seem as family friendly or even as woman friendly as it once did. What could be so bad about Britain, the legendary example nation to the world? Well, they are silencing women who speak out against the mistreatment of children. Here are the real words of a real British woman who, sadly, must remain anonymous for her safety.

From One of the Voiceless 

It might surprise you to be reading this article – in all honesty, it surprises me to be writing it. Perhaps, when you read the title, you imagined its author living in some cold, bleak, post-Soviet bloc, where the hangover from Communism still causes women to be afraid? If that is the case, you’d be wrong. This author speaks to you from rural England – that bastion of freedom – that land of the Mother of all Parliaments.

You might have heard, in recent years, of our crackdown on Free Speech: you’ve probably heard of high-profile cases, like that of Tommy Robinson, the activist-turned-journalist who, at the time of writing, has just been sentenced to six months in gaol for exposing Moslem child rape gangs. I’d be willing to bet, however, that you haven’t heard of Melanie Shaw, the whistle-blower who, in 2014, tried to highlight the paedophilic rape being perpetrated by members of the British Establishment and who, following a secret trial in 2017, has been illegally imprisoned, in solitary confinement, without access to medical treatment or legal advice, ever since. Ms. Shaw was herself a child in care who had been subjected to sexual abuse; as an adult she worked with children in the care system and attempted to shine a spotlight on the horrendous exploitation of vulnerable young people.

We aren’t sure where Melanie is now. In recent hearings, she hasn’t been in attendance. She has, to all intents to and purposes, been ‘disappeared’. Melanie Shaw has been silenced.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is far-fetched, conspiracy nonsense – I did, when I first heard about it. Sadly, though, this is not the case; Ms. Shaw’s plight is well-documented and can easily be researched – but she isn’t the only one.

In March this year, Catholic mother and journalist Caroline Farrow was arrested and detained for saying that the administration of hormonal treatment to teenagers which causes them to change sex is tantamount to child abuse. She argued that this insane practice of socially engineering children is a form of child cruelty – which it is. There can’t be any doubt about that. Those studies which it has been possible to research have shown that hormonal treatment has devastating, long term effects on children, leading to increased mental health issues and even suicide. In the very same month that Mrs. Farrow was arrested, five whistle-blowers from the taxpayer-funded Gender Identity Development Service NHS clinic quit their jobs after revealing that children as young as three were being subjected to unnecessary gender-reassignment treatment.

Since her arrest, Caroline Farrow has been subjected to death threats and doxxing; her husband and children have been attacked. Farrow has received very little support from the Police in the face of these dangers – her opinions have rendered her an ‘unperson’ – Mrs. Farrow and her family, it appears, are not worth saving. Caroline Farrow has been silenced.

In December 2018, Kate Scottow faced similar treatment, having been embroiled in a Twitter spat with a Stephanie Hayden, a transsexual woman. During their exchange, Scottow referred to Hayden by her former name, a process known as ‘dead naming’. For this crime, Ms. Scottow, a young mother of two small children, was arrested. She was taken away from her family and placed in Police custody; unable to breastfeed her infant child, she was denied access to sanitary protection products and had her computers and mobile devices seized. Ms. Scottow’s computer has still not been returned, thus making it impossible for her to complete her Masters’ degree in Forensic Psychology.

Kate Scottow too, then, has been silenced.

I wish I could say that it stops there – that this madness is a recent phenomenon from which we will soon recover but it is not so.

In November 2012, an unnamed couple from Rotherham, a town in the north of England, were involved in actively campaigning for the UK Independence Party (UKIP). At the behest of Rotherham Social Services, the couple’s three foster children were removed from their care. Not because they were poor parents – indeed, the opposite is true and witnesses testified to their kindness and dedication – their children were removed because of their politics. This family was ripped-apart by ‘wrong-think’, their children stolen by a council which has, since, become synonymous with scandal and cover-up after it transpired that it had actively hidden decades of rape and abuse of more than twelve-hundred white, Christian girls by Moslem child rape gangs. In an act of pure vindictiveness and spite, Rotherham Social Services destroyed that family and silenced those parents, forcing three vulnerable children back into the care system.

As I sit here, writing this, I am filled with shame at what my country has become. I know that my views – normal, rational, traditional views – are commonly held by most of the women in this country – but I also know that most of the women in this country are afraid to make their voices heard. We all know that the trans agenda, for example, is utter folly: of course hormonally treating children and rendering them permanently damaged and infertile is abuse. Obviously this is the case! Of course allowing half-naked men in bondage gear to twerk with young boys on the streets of our cities is paedophilic – of course it is sick – but who dares to say it?

Naturally, an immigration policy which promotes open borders to those who do not share our values and then a two-tier legal system which grants immunity to those who abuse our children is untenable and unsustainable.

Obviously a school curriculum which teaches infants about masturbation before they can read or write is immoral; naturally, teaching children about any form of sexuality, let alone homosexuality, transsexuality and onanism before they have even reached double figures is unethical. Equally, it goes without saying that promoting the Royal College of Midwives’ advice to young girls that abortion up until birth is just another form of contraception is not only inaccurate but evil.

Clearly, a Government which covers for paedophilic Establishment and Moslem rapists whilst imprisoning those who speak out against it is corrupt to its very core.

Yet who would dare to speak these truths?

So here I am, pregnant with our first child – and I write this under cover of anonymity. This isn’t because I have a taste for the dramatic or am being sensationalist – I am not doing it for effect. I am anonymous because I have a genuine, rational fear that my telling you all of this could lead to my arrest. I could be imprisoned … our child could be taken away. It is no exaggeration for me to tell you that my husband and I already have a contingency plan that I might, one day, have to seek refuge in Hungary with our daughter and that he would join us later. I have a very real fear too that my identity could be released, my businesses and reputation destroyed. There would no comeback – no defense in the Press. Our lives would be ruined. I would be done for.

I am not a high-profile celebrity, vying for attention … I am just a normal woman, a business owner, a wife, a Catholic, soon to become a mother … and I am telling you all of this because I am afraid – but I have not, yet, been silenced.

International Women’s Day 2019

March 8th is International Women’s Day. As an international women’s organization we participate in this day by remembering the women who brought us into the world, our mothers.

I met a woman the other day who was abused as a child. After that sexual abuse she wanted to stop being a woman, because she thought if she was a boy she would be safe from abuse. She hated her female body and even threw rocks at her private parts to try to damage them.

For years she hated herself and her womanhood. After years of emotional agony and even the occasional desire to commit suicide this woman found reparative therapy, some people call it conversion therapy. With the help of her therapist she was able to learn to love herself for the first time she could remember.

After a while this woman, who was now okay with being a woman, found the love of her life and got married. She explained that she now has children and realizes the real power here body has. She said she loves her woman/mother body now and rejoices in what her body parts can do.

Women are amazing! WOW loves men and boys too. All people are part of making society wonderful. But, women can grow another person inside of themselves. Women are vital for preserving a society, and create the most valuable products a society has, its people.

WOW celebrates International Women’s Day today by Celebrating Women and Mothers everywhere who nurture their societies toward more love and caring.

Join WOW for Utah’s Mom’s March for America

moms march.png

The Mom’s March for America is a national gathering of mothers that WOW supports. It’s purpose is to bring recognition to the powerful influence of mothers in our homes, communities, and nation. In addition, the event’s purpose is to help Moms, “raise the bar of decency, civility, and liberty in our culture”. The main event is centered  in Omaha, Nebraska, and broadcast live so you can join the march wherever you are, but cities across America are hosting local events in support. Utah’s event is located in Bountiful. Go to for more information.

“This is not a march walking down the street, shouting and carrying signs. This is a Cultural March; a celebration of the biggest cultural movement happening in America – the march that mothers make every day in their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses as they nurture their families, influence their communities and shape our nation.”