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Maternity by design is wholesome and good, and is divinely intended to benefit the mother in countless ways and at so many different levels: emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, behaviorally, biologically, etc.

All good things get challenged, so it comes as no surprise that contradictory and counterfeit ideas against maternity are promoted even institutionalized, which are not wholesome, not good, and not divinely intended, which end up harmful to women. A few days before Mother’s Day, a perfectly timed debut, Cosmopolitan published 25 year old abortion doula, Emily Lett’s essay, “Why I Filmed My Abortion.” The story has spread quickly throughout the media. Emily posted on YouTube a video of her alleged abortion. There is no verifying that what is taking place in the video is real, that part is assumed. In her essay, she says she was introduced by her administrator to Angie AntiTheist, obviously an alias, another YouTube poster who wanted to show the world how positive taking RU486 is. This became Emily’s inspiration for her clinical abortion video.

The idea of promoting abortion as positive has been the strategy of pro-abortionists for a while now. This is good news in the sense that at large, abortion is no longer accepted in society as a good choice, nor as something positive. Those who promote the dignity and rights of each individual from conception have made great headway, so much so that the pro-abortion lobby NARAL has felt threatened enough to pressure Google into blocking pro-life ads on all searches tagged “abortion clinic”-and we all thought our searches were objective. They argued that abortion industry revenues were being negatively affected by the pro-life ads.

Despite their well- funded lobby, research continues to reveal truth of the “not good” and “harmful” when it comes to abortion such as in a recent Chinese meta-analysis that links induced abortion and breast cancer.

On the flip side, one little known benefit of maternity is no breast cancer. It was known as early as mediaeval times that breast cancer was a disease resulting from not experiencing maternity; it existed primarily in nuns, and found rarely in the aged. Only in recent years has breast cancer become a disease in women of child bearing age. Research is catching up to what we already knew, maternity is the healthy, good and beneficial choice for women. WOW will be exploring and sharing research in a continuing series of articles addressing maternity and the biological effects of its expression and suppression.

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