Human Trafficking Being Done By Teens?2 min read

This darling red head was almost made into a sex slave.

Father, Scott Lee Jenkins, says his young daughter was nearly trafficked because of a 15 year old boy named Bruce. Apprently Bruce was used by the traffickers to lure teenage girls to them and their trafficking business. 

Some states like California and Nevada have extremely high trafficking rates due to their high amounts of tourism, but even Michigan, where Jenkins lives is rated as the number 7 trafficking state in the United States. 

Read Jenkin’s story of how he almost didn’t know that his daughter was getting ready to have a “meet up” with traffickers and how he stumbled upon a clue and took quick action. This story shows how important it is for parents to know what their children are looking at online at all times and why it really is a danger for a child to have a social media account at all. Here’s his story. 

I may be weird but I have always insisted that I sign my children into any digital device we have and that they use it in my presence. We also don’t give our children cell phones of their own. They can use our “kid phone” which is NOT SMART. It can call and send single texts only. That is it. This phone can be borrowed when they are going to a friend’s house or when they are going to work or something important, like maybe a date. That is the way we keep our children from being addicts to media and from getting into things they shouldn’t online. 

My adult children have each told me that they are so glad I had these digital boundaries for them. They get to college and see other young people addicted, distracted, and unable to carry on healthy converstaion because they have had way too much digital. 

WOW tries to stop trafficking before it starts by supporting policy that protects the consciences of children and holds the pornography industry accountable for the damage they are causing to society. 

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