October = National Down Syndrome Month2 min read

It is a great time to celebrate the lives of those to make us all remember how unique each person is; our friends with Down syndrome. October is National Down syndrome month and needs celebration.

Of the preborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome:

  • 100% are aborted in Iceland
  • 98% are aborted in Denmark
  • 67% are aborted in the US

Some may say Iceland has achieved a miracle statistic of 0% babies born with Down syndrome, when in reality their 0% statistic is just them bragging about how easy it is to kill people who are different in Iceland. They have to abort 100% of Down syndrome babies to have 0% born with Down syndrome.

When did it become okay to kills someone just because they are different? When did the perceived inconvenience of raising a child who has different needs become a reason for murder of the innocent? We need to stop this senseless discrimination and killing. Doesn’t each person deserve a chance at life?

Who is really behind the normalization of killing babies anyway? The eugenics movement was the beginning of the abortion trend. The idea of promoting elective abortion to lower class, minority, and parents anticipating developmentally different children was the plan conceived by those hoping to develop a super human race and get rid of undesirables while also keeping the masses in check.

(Sarcasm tone for this next part.) Think how awful it would be if masses of people got a fair chance at life and decided to reach their full potential? Then, all the big businesses would have even more competition. Can all of this killing really be just for money and world control? Can people really be that heartless. Sadly, yes.

Join WOW as we express our gratitude for our friends with Down syndrome this month. Please share this post and video so that we can remind the world that all people have a reason to live.

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