Video: In Honor of Human Rights Day – 10 December


December 10, 1948 the leaders of different nations, religions, cultures and political points of view came together to form the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  These rights state that every person of the world, dispite their differences, are entitled to fundamental rights that are their’s simply because of being human.

These rights protect people from tyranny and offer principles meant to defy the abuse of power over others.  The rights declare responsibilities and help preserve dignity for the human race. 

One of the human rights that should be most celebrated is the right to believe and worship in public as well as in private.  It also gives us the right to stand up publically for our beliefs and change our beliefs if we want to.  The Worldwide Organization For Women celebrates the right to believe and publically stand up for beliefs.  If this important right is ever infringed upon the oppressor must stop.

In recent years there have been distrubing abuses of this most basic of human rights.  We call upon citizens and government officals of the world to continue to respect religious freedoms and human rights around the world.  This basic respect for humans is neccessary for world peace and brotherly love the world over.

Please take a few minutes and watch this video honoring article 18 or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that shows how this important human right effects us all.  

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