Family is the Center of the Universe

Happy Family
The family has been on my mind.  I recently attended the funeral of a good friend.  He passed away at a young age.  He left behind many who love him.  We are left to try and make reason of the loss.  During the funeral the speaker said something that not only brought comfort to those mourning the loss but, seemed to me very profound as I thought about it.  He stated “We often organize our thoughts, our plans, and our schedules in such a way that family is the center of our universe.  Over the years I have come to feel, to believe, and to testify that family is in fact the very reason that the universe even exists.  Family is not a simple convenience nor a compromise.  Family is the center of the universe.”  -S. Droubay.
As I thought about the statement I realized that the family is being attacked from all angles in our society.  We need to defend the traditional marriage and family with all that we can. If we do not succeed in protecting this sacred institution we will destroy our very existence.  Wars will not end, poverty will not be solved, abuse will continue, selfishness will reign, if we don’t protect and heal the family.  The very core of all social problems stems from how well the family functions.  The answer to life’s ills is the love of mankind and the healing of the family.