Making Pedophilia the New Normal?

Overpriced Furniture? 

Facebook owned Instagram recently shutdown an AZ couple from questioning and speculating why human names were attached to particular pieces of furniture and selling for tens of thousands of dollars at an online retailer, which appeared to be ridiculously overpriced. The couple had concerns it could be a front for child or human trafficking. News media outlets quickly responded in domino effect decrying the couple’s suspicions as conspiracy, and then flipped the  narrative in trying to make the couple appear suspect.  This type of news spin, circling around the media carousel  leaves the spectator unsatisfied and more suspicious of something afoul. After all, most online shoppers have come across ridiculously priced items, which apparently if you now question or try to investigate yourself, you are labeled a conspirator and told “nothing to see here.” But the AZ couples’ suspicions are not really so unfounded.


Years of rumor are turning out to be factual with the recent allegations of child sex abuse and trafficking  in the case of Jeffery Epstein to which the extent of its reaching may never see the light of day. Accusations in the Epstein now turned Ghislaine Maxwell case extend  beyond the local red light district and into an international highbrow crowd, who are scrambling to clear their names.

Berlin Authorities Systematically Placed Children with Pedophiles

Germany’s sweeping investigation is making European headlines after it was exposed that in West Berlin, foster children had been systematically placed  into the homes of pedophiles over a 30 year span. The nefarious practice was initiated by professor of psychology, Helmet Kentler (1928-2008). He acquired support for his project  that reached  all the way  to the Berlin Senate. Kentler, like Alfred Kinsey, was able to fund the sexual abuse of children as university research, even pairing the sexual predator to the victim in his experiment.  Kentler advocated  normalizing sex with children, and promoted ideas such as,  “sexual contact between children and adults is not harmful,” calling  them acts of “love.” The last documented Kentler placement of a child into the home of a known pedophile was in 2003. A valid question yet to be answered is how could a  policy of institutionalized child sexual abuse be  kept  concealed for 30 years? It had to have involved a network of university staff,  lawyers, social workers, judges etc.  There were rumors over the years with some reporting, yet they remained un-investigated and unanswered until either the statute of limitations came into effect, or after the death of principal participants.

 Testing the Waters

It was in the 1970’s, during the height of the sexual  revolution, that Kentler began his pedophile placement program in Germany.  As if on queue, media support in the US and abroad of Kinsey’s fraudulent science on human sexuality, coincided also with two pedophile organizations, North American Man/Boy Love Association, NAMBLA, and British Paedophile Information Exchange, PIE  to openly campaign for “children’s sexuality” and laws to lower the age of consent.  Today, the same policies are again being repackaged  and promoted under such terms as  “child sexual rights,” which is a pillar in comprehensive sexuality education now being taught in schools across the globe.

The current legal and political unraveling of sexual norms  is  again encouraging   NAMBLA types to test the waters, and a resurgence of propaganda advocating sex with children has been popping up in social media hangouts, even neighborhood flyers. It seems the uninvited pedophile has aims of inclusion into the alphabet mix of sexuality. Conditioning the public is always part of the process for acceptance. Many have now exposed the Hasbro Troll doll, Poppy, as a possible deviant attempt at grooming children for abuse. Hasbro has since pulled the troll dolls from shelves. The doll had a button between her legs, right where her private parts would be, that could be pushed and sounds like sexual enjoyment would come out of the doll. 

Facebook post
Denver Flyer


Word choice like “child sexual rights” is very calculated, especially in the political realm. When documents, proclamations, or resolutions contain new language or words that appear obscure or undefined, it is usually a red flag for doublespeak- a combining of Orwell’s “newspeak” and “doublethink.” Ageism is one of those new  words. It sounds compassionate to promote communities free from ageism, but  it’s not just the elderly that’s included under such ill defined language. 


Online Pandemic

The sexual abuse of children may actually be the online pandemic affecting children today, and the internet is the fastest, and easiest means for abusers and traffickers.  Germany is now investigating more than 30,000 suspects in an online pedophile probe. Justice Minister Peter Beisenbach in support of the cybercrime unit in Germany’s North Rhine-Wesphalia said, “I did not expect, not even remotely, the extent of child abuse on the internet.”


This is a difficult subject, because child sexual abuse and sex trafficking is a perpetrator’s attempt to rob the innocence, and to steal the soul from the victim. Just reading about it can induce overwhelming feeling. Thankfully known percentages of abducted missing and exploited children remain low at less than 1%. A large percentage of sexually trafficked youth are runaways, that have been exploited. You can find additional facts at Unfortunately the exploits of sex abuse in regards to the production and exchange of child pornography remains largely unknown.

Please download two free e-books from WOW’s website, “Simple and Safe” and “Before They Connect” to  find out how to keep your family safe.

To Learn more about comprehensive sexuality education, and how to keep it out of your child’s school go to

Contact local law enforcement if you have grounds to suspect abuse. A youth that is carrying all their personal belongings, doesn’t know where they are, and appear in distress may be a youth in trouble.

File official complaints to corporations that sell, or social media platforms that promote adult sex with children, or the sexualization of children. Take screen shots, and send to your friends and family, especially if they are an influencer and have them launch complaints also. The media too often calls a case open and shut, playing judge and jury, with social media platforms like Facebook  & Youtube enforcing the gag orders. Passage of the EARNIT Bill is a first step in holding social media conglomerates accountable.

Contact your Senator and encourage them to support the EARNIT Bill 2020. 


WOW at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York

csw2017 resize.jpg

Worldwide Organization for Women sponsored a parallel event at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW),  March 21, 2017, titled, Family: The Girl Child’s First Line of Defense in Health & Education.  

WOW held a panel with six speakers, who presented information on child sex abuse prevention. WOW emphasized that the most effective abuse prevention program is to empower parents by giving them the information they need to prevent sexual abuse .  The panel presenters were: Nicholeen Peck, President of WOW, Yvonne Averett, WOW Board, Sharon Slater of Family Watch, Amaka Akudinobi, WOW Africa member, Nahiomi Aponte, student, and Heather Richey, Mrs.World Ambassador.

WOW premiered their two free  e-guides, Simple & Safe, and Before They Connect. Before They  Connect offers information about young “digital citizens” and the potential dangers associated with internet use, and suggestions for creating a family use plan. Simple & Safe is a guide that teaches 4 simple safetylessons, essential for children to learn, and how to prevent sexual abuse for parents.

Health and & Education are two strategic areas the UN has included in its Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Goals are assessed and rewritten every 15 years.  When participating at  CSW, or other UN event, WOW  advocates  family solutions to the many problems and issues the UN addresses. 

Here is our president: Nicholeen Peck, opening the event after we endured protesting from another group and while the other group was in the hallway trying to stop world leaders and diplomats from attending the event. [[{“fid”:”188″,”view_mode”:”default”,”type”:”media”,”link_text”:null,”attributes”:{“height”:360,”width”:480,”class”:”media-element file-default”}}]]

Click Here to hear teh presentation about Digital Citizenship and keeping children safe online!

Click Here to hear some of our speakers addressing what can be done globally to stop the sexual abuse of children!

Click Here for the free e-book Before They Connect 

Click Here for the free e-book Simple and Safe 


Utah HB 246 Dies

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Comprehensive Sexuality Education will not be coming to Utah children this year. Worldwide Organization for Women is calling the defeat of Utah’s HB246 yesterday a victory for Utah parents, citizens as well as the legislators in the state, who remain determined to protect the consciences of our children.  WOW sends a big thank you to all those who responded to our “action alert.” The buzz at the capitol suggested that House Education Committee members received hundreds of messages in the hours leading up to the meeting. One intern told a WOW board member that her representative had over 600 emails come to him.  The room was filled to capacity and overflowed into the lobby. Opponents of the bill were given large yellow stickers that could be seen dotted throughout the entire room. The floor time given to those opposed to the bill was very limited and short. Those who spoke at the meeting against the bill demonstrated the difference between teaching about reproductive health and disease prevention appropriately versus a harmful pleasure- based-sexuality approach to the subject, which the bill would have introduced.  WOW was able to issue a very brief statement.

The WOW board would like to recognize Family Watch International, The Eagle Forum, United Families, Big Ocean Women and other organizations, plus the dozens of individuals who collaborated to help stop HB246. We also want to thank our President, Nicholeen Peck for her many days & hours spent at the Utah Capitol contacting and speaking with Representatives.