What are We To Do?

Cloud with silver lining

Take heart! We need not sit by and feel helpless about all that is going on in the world today.  There are things we can do to participate in making the world around us a better place!

Imagine if everyone caught on and gave as much as they could of their time, means, and love– what an impact it would have on the world. Even if things get dire, we will know that we can always be a force to influence and help those around us and make our piece of the world a better place because what we do:


1)—Give and serve:

                When you hear reports of a devastating event happening somewhere, you usually hear that it was the community and the churches that stepped in first and did the most good. There are always opportunities close and far away that we can help with–by give of our means and/or our time.  When you hear of accounts that are set up for a specific benefit fund, it is the many small donations that add up! When someone needs help, it is the shared, small random acts from many that meet their needs!

                It is easy to find ways around us to share what we have by just looking around and paying attention: Give generously to your church, find organizations in your community, country and around the world that you feel are doing a lot to help; share food with your local food bank; look for opportunities to volunteer. You have unique skills and gifts that can be used somewhere!

2)—Speak up:

                Learn the issues and facts about what is going on in the world and around you, and use that knowledge to contact leaders. Let them hear “the voice of the people” so they feel our presence and our support; and to give them the courage to do what they need to do.  We need to continue to speak out about issues that are beneath the character of humanity, such as the barbaric activities taking place at Planned Parenthood.  We also need to speak out about retaining our religious freedom.  There are always ways to contact officials by calling, emailing, or signing petitions.


                As we learn and hear about issues, we can share with our families and those around us, not only our knowledge, but what actions can be taken. There are so many good and informational websites, books, and other people that we can learn from. We need to teach our families values, service, history, religion, and we need to be good examples of what we teach. Talk to elderly people who have served our country, or lived during a different time. There is much to learn from them.

4)—Live a moral life:

                As John Adams said:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

                Living a principled life, and teaching families principles brings strength to individuals, and families which are essential to a strong society. Religion plays and important role. Most constitutions of countries around the world recognize the strength of the family and the importance of living by principles.

                Also, as individuals and as groups, we need to call on our higher power to give us courage and strength, and to bless those individuals who are in positions of power to do the right thing. We can pray for those around us to have the blessings they need, and for ourselves to be mindful of what we need to do.

                To be able to hang on to our liberty, we need to live moral lives!

We may not see the impact of our actions on a grand scale, but it is many small things that bring about great things.

Two ways that WOW is involved and that you can participate in are: Nicholeen’s trip to Kenya to help strengthen parents and families there. You can read more on how to help out by clicking HERE.

Also, the World Congress of Families 2015 is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA this year. We are blessed to have it in our country! It is a great opportunity to hear many knowledgeable speakers, meet with many organizations, to learn about issues and what can be done to help. Come, learn, share! Click HERE for more information.