15 Year Old Boy Honors Dad As His Hero & Speaks Generationally


Parenting isn’t just what someone does when a child needs to be corrected for something!  It is so much more.  In fact, parenting is a generational thing that can bring great unity, purpose and happiness, or it can be pain and suffering for the whole family. When one parent changes from influencing the family in painful ways to influencing the family with love and unity generations of people will never be the same! 

Fathers and mothers each play a unique role in the lives of their children. Fathers teach their sons what a man should be like, and mothers teach their daughters what a strong but nurturing woman is.  The parents are the vision the children have of what their adult life either will look like or can look and the feelings that they can expect to feel.  

In this video Weston, a 15 year old boy talks about the vision he has for his life now that he has witnessed his father undergo a miracle transformation called self-government.  Weston and his family also talk about their hope for their future and how life has changed at home.  

Weston’s dad is his hero!  And, as we all know a hero overcomes.  That is what all great heroes do.  

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