Who is “Parenting” Our Children??

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Three or more States are working with Planned Parenthood to form a partnership with their high schools, including about 57 high schools. The states involved are California, Illinois, and Maryland. This trend could spread if they are allowed in!

Planned Parenthood is the controversial organization that has allegedly been selling body parts of unborn babies, and even altering abortion procedures to make these parts more viable and intact. While the barbaric procedures are still being investigated, this valueless organization now wants to enter our education system and influence the lives of our children. They are working to partner with high schools to offer confidential services to students. They will be available 2-3 days per week to discuss topics such as: Abortion, birth control (including the morning-after pill), body image, men’s and women’s sexual health, pregnancy, relationships, sex and sexuality, sexual orientation and gender, and STDS.

This will all be on a confidential level with your child. They will be allowed to provide on-site direct resources to high school students, and guarantee confidentiality and anonymity.  

Why do they want to do this? Who initiated it? Did parents and schools ask for this or is PP pushing an agenda? Before schools allow PP to enter their doors, they and parents need to be asking many questions, such as: 

Will students be more likely to go to them for advice than their parents?
Will this access to students undermine the influence of parents on their teens and the values they teach? 
Will their presence and services encourage teens to become more sexually active? Will their “values” on sexuality cause more social problems for teens?
What is their agenda in this? 
What need exists that could not be better met by parents, and perhaps teachers and evangelical leaders?
Does their presence have the potential to make parents question their influence in their children’s lives?

It seems that whatever they have to offer, the bad outweighs the good–if Planned Parenthood can succeed in over-sexualizing our children,  and encourage them to be sexually active, they can benefit financially from this…they can “own” their future!

There are things parents can and need to do to protect the consciences of their children:

1) Keep informed about what your state, school district, and school is doing with “health” and sex education. There are more and more comprehensive sexuality education agendas being pushed into the education system…even the so-called sex abuse education is highly questionable and intrusive into our young children’s consciences.  Parents need to know the basis of these agendas, who is pushing for them, and what curriculum is being presented for review. 

2) Let states, school districts, and schools hear from you–ask questions,  and let them know your thoughts, concerns and expectations on the matter. 

3) Demand transparency and input on decisions, and also on curriculum that is being reviewed before it is approved.

With your teens:

1) Trust your parental intuition and have confidence that you are the best source of information for your child to learn these things from. Have courage to teach and uphold your family’s values. Help your child understand the benefits and consequences associated with these values.

2) If you have questions on how and when to best teach your children certain topics, refer to trusted resources that have your child’s best interests in mind and that support your family’s values. 

3) Keep the lines of communication open. Make a safe environment for them to come to you with questions. Find ways to initiate discussions.

4) Talk on a regular basis with your teens about their dreams, ambitions, struggles, and praise them often for the positive things they are doing. Monitor and discuss internet use, after school activities, activities with friends, and free time. 

5) Spend time with them– eat meals together as often as possible. Attend events they are involved in. Take them on one-on-one activities periodically. 

Parents are and have always been the best source to teach, train, and prepare children for their life as contributing adults.  While schools, leaders, and educators supplement this teaching, parents should guide and direct these sources, and have input on decisions made that involve their children.