Official Statement About US Supreme Court Decision 10-6-14


This morning, October 6, 2014, the Supreme Court denied appeals from Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana and Wisconsin for a State’s right to protect marriage as a union between a man and a woman. This decision saddens The Worldwide Organization For Women.

As an organization that specializes in helping women and families, WOW views this decision as degrading to the  dual roles of women in society as mothers, and men as fathers.  Women and men should not be thought of as interchangeable equivalents, but should be honored as powerful co-creators  with God of children.  Both men and women have self-evident and powerful roles to create moral societies, through raising and nurturing virtuous families.  This ruling  suggests that the purpose of marriage is to legalize various sexual preferences of certain groups in our society.  We do not agree with this premis. To legally re-define marriage is short-sighted and demoralizing to women, men, and society. 

WOW urges families in the states of Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin and around the world to value woman as the powerful influence  in society that she has historically been.  More than ever women need to honor their roles as women, mothers, and grandmothers.  Teach your children why mothers and fathers are important.  Give your children the peace they desperately need, which comes from the full identity of their mother and father’s lineage and love.