WOW Teaming Up to Strengthen Families in Kenya

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The Worldwide Organization for Women and the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops are teaming up to bring in renowned parenting expert Nicholeen Peck and Teaching Self-Government to train the families of Kenya in a system of parenting that will change the country of Kenya forever!

The Catholic Church in Nairobi will host Nicholeen for this training this November. 

This project is a “teach the people to fish” type of project.  Nicholeen Peck is going to give her knowledge away.  Funding for this project will come largely from donations. Nicholeen will be training 69 Kenyan facilitators and trainers how to teach self-government principles and then they will carry the project throughout the country.  Nicholeen states: “It’s all about impact. Everything I teach is for everyone to find more freedom and happiness. Poor family relationships lead to bondage.”

Nothing will help the people of Kenya more than uniting and strengthening its families. Strong families are crucial to a thriving society. You can help Nicholeen help Kenya by clicking the link below!

The project will take Nicholeen and her family three weeks because various three to four day trainings will need to occur. Nicholeen will also speak to groups of people in multiple universities and to religious congregations of multiple faiths. 

These are the 15 things the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops sees as problems needing to be solved by good parenting and strong marriage relationships:


1. Communication with children especially during adolescent stage on human sexuality.

2. Rebellion among clan. Which is highlighted by the number of strikes.

3. Indiscipline.

4. Addressing developmental changes that young people go through.

5. Teenage emotional changes.

6. Radicalization by secular ideas.

7. Socialization of children in families.

8. Handling in helpful behavior. 

9. Peer pressure.

10. Bridging the gap from when joining school thus: 

      Nursery age – to class one

      Primary eight – form one

      From four to University

11. Addressing issues of rites of passage

12. Alcoholism and drug abuse.

13. HIV AIDS in families.

14. Absent parents.

I 5. Media influence.  

…among others. 

The Worldwide Organization for Women is excited to be a part of this great endeavor. If you would like to help fund this project, Your donation will help pay for production of a Kenyan booklet for distribution, teaching supplies, airfare for the trainers, living expenses for the three weeks in Kenya and ongoing training that will take place virtually, etc. 

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