Donate to WOW While Shopping on Amazon1 min read

WOW has discovered an easy way for your regular Amazon shopping  to financially benefit our non-profit without costing you one dime. Open an Amazon Smile account and a percentage of your purchase can go to The Worldwide Organization for Women.  The Amazon Smile  Foundation is an Amazon operated website that offers basically the same shopping as Amazon, except 0.5% of the of the purchase price will get donated to an  eligible charitable organization of your choice. WOW is registered  as an eligible charitable organization.  At Smile.Amazon  you can use your same account and password as Once you log in, and set it up, it looks and operates just like  It is free and so easy. Go try it right now.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to where you will log in with your amazon account.
  2. Before you begin shopping, you will be prompted to select a charitable organization. Just type in the words Worldwide Organization for Women. Our name will appear, so select WOW as the charitable organization of your choice to receive donations. You only need to do this once to establish automatic donations for future purchases.
  3. It wouldn’t hurt to bookmark The hardest thing to do is remember to shop there instead of, but occasionally they will send you a reminder.

Now you can shop with a smile, knowing that you are benefitting an important cause

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