14 Principles

The following are time-honored principles that we support and which will help fulfill our mission.

  1. Divine Power: We believe that God is the Omnipotent Creator of the universe. He is the divine source who leads us to inner peace, spiritual fulfillment, and loving relationships with Him and with all mankind.
  2. Family: We recognize the natural family as the oldest human institution and the basic unit of society. The security of nations and the survival of civilization depend upon the strength of individual families worldwide.
  3. Marriage: We believe in the sanctity of legal and lawful marriage between a man and woman. This union is necessary for the well-being and protection of children, the family and society.
  4. Parenthood: We respect and support the role of parents in providing for the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of their children and teaching them moral principles.
  5. Human Life: We affirm that human life is sacred at all stages of development and must be honored and protected.
  6. Motherhood: We encourage women of all ages to gain the knowledge, skills, wisdom, and confidence necessary to assume their role as the heart of the home. We honor and recognize the enduring value of a nurturing mother, and her essential impact for good on society.
  7. Fatherhood: We encourage men of all ages to obtain the knowledge, skills, wisdom, and confidence necessary to assume their role as honorable leaders, proficient providers, and loving husbands and fathers in their homes and families.
  8. Extended Family: We acknowledge the contributions and experience of loving grandparents and other extended family members as a positive influence and stabilizing support for families.
  9. Equality and Differences: We view the gender and roles of men and women as being divinely appointed and equal but having different responsibilities that reflect their unique roles in the family and society.
  10. Education: We promote the formal and informal education of men, women, and children as essential for personal growth and fulfillment, and for the development of skills and talents, thereby strengthening the family and society.
  11. Service: We advocate for the involvement of individuals and families in volunteer service to strengthen communities and society.
  12. Government: We recognize that governments exist to protect individuals against injustice upon life, liberty, or property.
  13. National Sovereignty: We acknowledge the sovereign status of nations and honor the rule of law. We also recognize that the rightful purpose of law is to protect individuals against injustice upon their inalienable rights of life, liberty, and property. This protects “sovereignty in the people”, the basis of representative, constitutional government.
  14. Public Policy and Law: We urge men and women to be an informed, involved, positive influence on issues and laws that protect family values.