Stopping Sexual Abuse the Most Effective Way: With Parent Involvement!1 min read

Sexual abuse is definately a large problem around the world. WOW is very concerned about it. As we travel the world and meet with parents, leaders and teachers we see that the best way to combat and prevent sexual abuse is to empower parents to take the appropriate action to keep their children safe. 

It is not the child’s job to keep themselves safe, and teachers and community members can only do so much. But, the parent can keep the child safe by regularly teaching some simple and non-graphic or overly sexualizing messages to their children. WOW presented this parent guide called Simple and Safe! 

This year at the UN CSW [Conference on the Status of Women] WOW hosted a parellel event for world leaders called “Family: The Girl Child’s First Line of Defense in Health & Education.” and presented some surprisingly simple solutions to the sexual abuse problems facing the world and directly spoke to the problem in different parts of the world.

Here are some video clips of Amaka Ada Akudinobi, Esq. and Nahiomi Aponte addressing the topic openly and frankly.  Even though we don’t have footage of the talk, we’d like to also thank Mrs. World Ambassador, Heather Richey, for her wonderful presentation and singing at the event! 

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To see the speech about digital citizenship and keeping children safe online, click here. 

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