Legislative Update1 min read

HB286   This is the mandatory child sexual abuse education for children ages K – 12. This bill passed the House and the Senate and will be implemented in two years.  Hopefully, next year it will be repealed. On the surface this bill looks like it helps children. But, on closer observation it is easy to see that this bill is a violation of conscience for the children. Children should not have to be exposed to talk about sex and  mutilation with anyone other than the protector of their spirits; their parents.  

The statistics they have been publicizing are not correct.  They have said that 60% or so of abused children are abused by their parents.  That sounds huge.  But, they are only talking about the children that ARE abused.  And the statistic changed multiple times over the course of the argument so it isn’t consistent. The statistic they should have listed was that only about 1/2% of children in a school are mistreated by their parents.  This means that 99.5% of children who are not mistreated at all by parents would need to listen to information about how their parents are scary and are perpetrators.  

Grandmas and grandpas are portrayed as not safe in the educational materials, and the trainings are usually administered by Planned Parenthood supporters or agencies.  The only out on this mandatory class is opting your child out of it.

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