World Congress of Families Budapest 2017 – Report3 min read

On the Buda side of historic Budapest in Hungary, the land named for it’s conquerer Attila the Hun, under the majestic Buda Castle, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban has his office, the eleventh World Congress of Families was held.

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WOW’s president, Nicholeen Peck, and a couple of her interns, which just happened to be her adult children too, traveled to Budapest to participate at the congress. 

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The first night of the congress started with a welcome that was truly a World Congress of Families FIRST, a flash mob. They had a family flash mob at the historic Liberty Square. Here is a video of the flashmob. 

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Mr. Viktor Orban invited Nicholeen to speak at the congress about The Importance and Sanctity of Motherhood as part of a panel of experts on the topic. 

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During the Demographic Forum, which was the day before the official start of the congress Viktor Orban spoke aboute the importance of Hungarian families having children because their population decreases each year by more people than their country lost during the whole Holocaust and they are concerned for their future. 

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There were many great speakers about the complicated demographic situation around the world. This slide was part of the presentation by Pat Fagan, who explained that children have better gains when they are raised by intact families who practice their religions. 

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As part of the congress it is customary to see cultural events. This congress was no exception. It was so much fun to see the native Hungarian dancing and singers. But, the best part was that the performers were mostly children. They are being trained in their national heritage, which is so imporant for them to develop strong identities. 

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We met people from all over the world who are busily engaged in trying to strengthen families identities and bonds, and who are working to safeguard policy in order to create sustainable countries based upon family values. 

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As a partner of the World Congress of Families, WOW hosted a booth. At this booth we gave away three free e-books to leaders and families. We gave links and copies to Simple and Safe, Before They Connect, and A Free Parenting Assessement donated by Teaching Self-Government LLC. 

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As always, we are honored to be able to participate at the World Congress of Families and feel like this year’s congress was especially good. It was unique in that there has never been a congress sponsored by a head of a country before. This was a first! But, Prime Minister Viktor Orban was happy to be the first because he wants Hungary to be the “Family Friendly Country.” 

Many meetings have followed the congress. Most recently Hungarian leaders met again to discuss solutions for their demographic crisis and how to safeguard families and children in their country. Clearly the congress has created some momentum in Hungary that should do some good. 


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