World Congress of Families Marches Through The Streets of Tbilisi, Georgia2 min read

World Congress of Families X happened May 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia. This historic country with a rich family culture showed the world that even though it used to be part of the Soviet Block it has not forgotten it’s identity. They Georgians displayed their family and religious culture for leaders from around the world as they held four days of conference sessions designed to strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

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In the opening session religious leaders from around the world spoke in support of strengthening the family and praying for the family. Protection of religious liberties is always an important part of protection of family. This is a photo of LDS General Authority, Elder Kacher, saying we need to be teachable like little children. 

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Alexey Komov, head of World Congress of Families Russia & CIS, gave a stirring presentation about the exact steps leading up to soviet control of Russia, which parallel steps being taken by many nations around the world, but especially the Untied States. 


Georgian Orthodox Patriarch Ilia II spoke as well about the sacredness of the family unit. Patriarch Ilia  is the godfather of every third child born in Georgia. He has been through many national crisis and knows the power family has to strengthen a society. His encouragement to have more children and his willingness to become the godfather to many in his nation has increased births and led to more of a family culture in Georgia.


A Historic March For The Family Through Tbilisi 


As part of the conference there was a march for the family from one side of the city to the largest Orthodox Cathedral in Georgia for a short service and blessing on the family by the Holy Patriarch. 

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More than 50,000 people joined the World Congress of Families and world leaders in this march to support the family. 


Georgian political leaders expressed gratitude for what they learned at the congress and some even shared intentions to create legislation that will strengthen the family further and removed information from schools that will damage morality in their nation. 


This historic conference was not without it’s protestors, but they were few in number. The conference was largely accepted by all and was even televised on the national television station.


WOW was happy to speak at this event and sends our thanks to the World Congress of Families who, despite constant attacks, continue to calmly and effectively strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society. 


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