The Power of Women! International Women’s Day 2020

March 8th is International Women’s Day. This is a day when we focus on what it really means to be a woman, and what sets women apart in this world of busy humans running through a rat-race of endless appointments and jobs that need to be done. To determine the true value of women, it’s worth putting the value of a woman in perspective. 

Disturbing Testimony!

This really happened. While sitting in a legislative committee meeting a few weeks ago, a woman commenting during the public comment section of an abortion bill presentation actually, in all seriousness said, “I wish my mother would have aborted me.” 

Never in all my years of working with women have I heard a woman disregard her own life in this way. I don’t know the mental condition or much of the life history of this woman, but I know that this type of sentiment is so rare, that the room was instantly shocked that a person could even suggest such a thing. 

No matter how hard or bad a life is, WOW believes that all life has value. Sure, some people who have been abused or mistreated may question the value of their life experiences. But, we know that survivors end up making strong contributions to society, and that sadness or sorrow leads to learning in its own way. Life isn’t perfect. But, that is actually the point. Despite the imperfectness of the life experiences, we still learn and live and grow and love and succeed in unique ways. 

Power of Women

Mothers start this journey for all of us. The birth process and life afterward won’t be easy for them or us, but they know there’s value in it anyway. They won’t be perfect. We won’t be perfect. But, they exercise their power to choose to bring us here regardless. 

The greatest power that women have is the power to choose to have children. There is no greater human power than the power to create another human being. No other talent, project, job, or activity a woman does can be compared to the ability women have to populate the world. 

When pro-choice advocates scream for more choice for women, WOW knows every woman does have a choice to engage her reproductive powers or not. She has the power to create children and the power to choose to engage in the beginning of the reproductive process (sexual intimacy) or not as well. (Except in cases of rape of course.) 

Women of Influence 

Not only do women have the power to get the people here, but they are the power that sculpts the ideas of the next generation too. While, TV, education, and media outlets have done a lot to capture the attention of the youngsters and have diligently tried to teach them what to think, some how mothers seem to still have more influence on the life of the child if she chooses to actively take the opportunity to use it. 

This power of influence is a power that literally transforms the world. I’m sure some power hungry companies and government officials have wondered how to get as much power as a woman has over her child. They have tried to simulate that power. But nothing really measures up. Wrapped in the arms and love of a mother who brought her child into the world resides the power to stop conflicts, defend truths, and teach nations. 

Unfortunately, the woman I mentioned at the beginning of this article wasn’t taught about her glory and power as a woman. I never thought I’d see the day when a woman would say she disregarded her own life. I know severe amounts of abuse can cause a person to become detached from basic realities. My woman heart reaches out to this woman. Please know that your pain has been felt, your story taught me a lesson. Even though you think your life is pointless, it still influences people. 

All women, whether they are mothers or not, have a motherly influence on the world. Plan today how you will influence the world for good. This is your international day to be grateful you are alive and that you are a woman! 

Happy International Women’s Day! 

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