Let’s Get This Party Started!

We strongly support, and have shared the influence of Mothers- and how we create life, initiate growth, shape culture, and influence nations.  We reaffirm that the time has come for a “Mastermind” of discussions, meant to really dig in, link arms, and act in unity! With that, we are thrilled to introduce MOMTalks- 15 minute presentations (sounds like a party, doesn’t it?) covering all topics related to MOMS- from parenting to public policy- giving women an opportunity to connect, mentor and encourage one another– and even share their own story.  Presentations were live-streamed earlier today, and you can watch for them on the MOMTalks YouTube channel!

MOMTalks- sponsored by Homemakers For America, launched from Liberty Hall, in Ogden, Utah today! On Constitution Day- September 17, 2018 with events being scheduled in 25 Cities in 2019.