Why Does My Child’s School Tamper With Female Reproductive Organs?2 min read

In July, 2015 13 middle schools in Seattle, Washington decided to offer a new medical service to youth ages 11 years old and up; that’s 6th grade.


They will implant or insert birth control devices such as IUDs, which not to long ago were thought only safe for women who had already had a childbirth, into children without parental consent. 


This announcement is disturbing on many levels. 


1.  Medical procedures should not be administered to children without parental consent. The parents have the right to determine what is best for their own child.


2.  Many forms of birth control, such as IUDs and implants are not tested on young people and could cause serious health problems for their future such as breast cancer or vaginal cancers. 


3.  Schools are not parents or doctors. Children should be taken by parents to a medical doctor for a medical procedure.


4.  This is a ‘power grab’ by schools to micro-manage children and their thoughts about sexuality.


5.  To use or not to use birth control is an ethical often religiously based decision that should not be promoted by schools.  Schools who promote birth control measures are in essence promoting a code of sexual conduct and an ethic that could be contrary to the beliefs of the child’s family.


6.  If parents are not consenting to procedures such as these there will likely be many law suits that will distract students, parents and schools from functioning in their designed roles.


7.  It is not the role of schools to do medical and sexual consultation. 


Parents around the country are watching Seattle’s decision to offer sexual procedures to young girls and are speaking out.  This move by Washington middle schools will undoubtedly decrease the already dwindling trust parents have in government schools. 


More than ever before it is essential that parents teach their young girls and boys about sexual boundaries, their bodies, what is right and wrong, and what not to believe at school.  It is unfortunate that parents need to guard against schools like this, but the consciences, morals and beliefs of the children and their families are worth it. 


Watch the report FOX News did on sexual procedures in middle schools here. https://insider.foxnews.com/2015/07/06/11-year-old-girls-can-get-iuds-birth-control-school-without-parental-consent 

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