Bread Company Exercises Religious Liberties1 min read

For 75 years Sunbeam bread, a product of the Quality Bakers Of America, has changed it’s bags just after Thanksgiving to add a picture of a little girl praying. The caption beside the girl says “Not By Bread Alone.” This caption is a quote from Jesus Christ in Matthew 4:4.  

These bread makers are bravely stating their religious view that people need more than the physical, they need the spiritual to truely live.  Jesus Christ has often been refered to as the “bread of life.” These humble bakers take His name upon them as they provide physical bread in His name.  

WOW respects and supports this kind of expression of religious liberty.  This type of faith is what the United States of America was founded upon and should be respected.  

Since it is becoming increasingly more rare for businesses to vocally support God and religion this brave action is worthy of praise.  Take a few minutes to send Quality Bakers of America a kind email thanking them for their courage and principles.  And, when you are at the store, look for Sunbeam bread and fill your home with more than just bread; with faith in God. 

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