Religious Liberty Means Say No to Anti-Discrimination Laws2 min read

The homosexual lobby pressure for anti-discrimination laws is going to intensify, especially at the local level. We must fortify against this and educate people as to the truth behind them- how the courts are giving preference to individual sexual choice over an individual’s religious liberty.

There are a currently two outrageous legal actions pressing on citizens who are being forced to divide themselves against their own conscience for the sake of the State. One involves a chapel privately run by an ordained clergy, who declined to marry a homosexual couple. The other is about a minister who was gathering petition signatures to eliminate anti-discrimination laws in Houston.  Go to the links:

The message is loud and clear, KEEP YOUR FAITH IN PRIVATE! An artificial divide is being forced upon citizens, as their faith is getting legally coerced out of the public sphere. This artificial barrier has already been placed between Church and State. Now it is to be placed between individual faith and NO public faith. 

Faith, especially in this nation, is supposed to be guaranteed for citizens to bring to the public sphere-the public sphere includes business, meaning individuals who perform services for the public.

Obama’s carefully chosen words in reference to striking down portions of  DOMA only refer to protection of religious institutions, not individuals, or private enterprises, “How religious institutions define and consecrate marriage has always been up to those institutions,” Obama said. “Nothing about this decision — which applies only to civil marriages — changes that.”  

Marriage, I think, is the last social area where civil and religious mesh together to a large degree. It was a lie to say the one would not affect the other. This was actually a severance between the two. 

Where will this end? Will a photographer have to photograph people nude? Would a cake maker have to make a sexual part cake? What about a satan cake? Would a facility have to rent space for an orgy? What about printing playboy bunny t-shirts? What about an “I hate (Lord’s name in vain) poster, t shirt or cake, all because they are in the public sphere? 

Special sexual rights are not guaranteed by the Constitution out of wisdom, while religious liberties are.  We don’t need anti-discrimination laws, we need more wisdom.

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