Where Have the Adults Gone? A True, But Unfortunate Story4 min read

Where Have the Adults Gone? An Unfortunate, but True Story

A friend recently told me of her niece’s experience as a fourth grade public school teacher. The name has been changed. Paul is her student. One day mother showed up to the classroom with Paul, and explained that Paul would now be called Paula, and would be referred to with feminine pronouns. The alarmed teacher went straight to the administration, and the wise decision was made not to meet the mother’s request. The mother had the ACLU brought in and Paul is now referred to as Paula with feminine pronouns at the school, and he now uses the girl’s restroom.

Being an advocate for children, a former public California school teacher and someone who has worked with hundreds of children, this story struck hard at my conscience and heart. I asked where are the responsible adults in this child’s life? For Paul and all the future Pauls’ benefit, this story needs to be told and logically sorted through.

Foremost, Paul’s story illustrates the miserable failing of the adults to protect and correct.  Paul’s mother demanded that a lie about her son’s sex be perpetuated by the school, against scientific fact and with legal force, rather than to accept the basic order of nature and to teach and have that order reinforced to her son. The truth is God and nature determine the anatomy of a person, and anatomy is what defines gender. Even if an individual doesn’t believe God, it remains basic scientific fact that if all is in proper working order, a female will have the all the physical parts necessary to bear and nourish children, and a male will produce the seed for life to begin. Truth is often revealed in purpose. It is biologically impossible to change sex. Denying Paul instruction of this first reality is a gross failing of the parent.

This brings into the situation, the failing of many adults in the field of medicine, whose false assumptions have served to undermine the parental role and mental health of children.  Recent laws passed in Massachusetts, California and New Jersey bar psychiatrists from helping minors acquire a perception of gender that aligns with their anatomical reality, even with parental permission. A Vanderbuilt University/Portman Clinic study showed that 70-80% of children with transgender feeling, spontaneously lose those feelings. Will those feelings spontaneously disappear in the child if they are continually reinforced by the adults and institutions in their life?

It also appears classroom instruction could be subject to the censoring of basic observable and proven scientific fact. Is this teacher now banned from instruction on this concept?  This is not about sex- ed, but the concept of reproduction as a matter of reality found throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. This would be an utter failing of our education system if this is the case.

Leaving Paul aside for a moment, let’s look at potential effects on all the other children in Paul’s classroom. They are now victims of legal coercion against their own conscience, along with the teacher. They will feel the adults at this institution forcing a lie upon them. They will witness their teacher become the enforcer of the lie (as coerced by the State against her conscience), while both children and teacher know Paul is a boy. This leaves many important questions to be asked.  Not if, but how will the conscience and personal identity be affected? Will the children still feel the lie in six months or will they eventually accept this alter reality as the norm? Does this teach children to cower to and enable delusion in others? Does this mean they will more readily accept lies from adults in the future? Will this influence some to accept lies about themselves? Children are so impressionable and naturally look to adults for truth, protection and direction. What is this teaching them about adults? What is this teaching the children about law? Is this how trust and confidence is built between adult and child? Teacher and student? Individual and State?  For all the children, this is an utter failing of many adults running our legal system and the direction that anti-discrimination laws lead to for minors, which in the end are not humane at all.

Paul Mchugh, former Psychiatrist in Chief at John Hopkins hospital could be the adult hero for these children. In a Wall Street article, Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution, he summarizes the true nature of this clinical condition-it is a clinical condition in the same category as anorexia and bulimia. His is a scientific voice we can raise as responsible adults advocating for children.  The link to his article is:


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