The Hopeful Mother


The whole idea of motherhood is an implication of hope. Her business is about raising the next generation as she keeps an eye toward the future and the possibilities for her posterity, which fills her heart and mind with all sorts of ideals. Wouldn’t it then be strange, that mother in keeping to her duty would shun any idealizing of her own role with her being a causal agent in the child’s life? It is only my broad observation, but there appears to exist in the younger generation a sort of intellectual snobbery toward an ideal. An ideal is simply a vision of possibility.  I guarantee my life circumstances in so many areas, like most on the planet, have fallen short of an ideal clung to, but it has been the very  vision of the ideal that has fueled a  hope within, which in turn has moved me to better action, especially as Mom. I’ve always liked the title of President Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope. It implies to me a boldness of expectation in achievement of an ideal others might otherwise scoff at, but let them scoff.  I am grateful my faith affirms an ideal for motherhood.  A word like noble reminds me that although motherhood is universal, it is for no common purpose. Innately it stands dignified and principal. This truth transforms my monotonous and sometimes difficult tasks, though reality means not necessarily in the moment. Noble work doesn’t have to feel noble, and feeling one way or another does not diminish the reality of its importance. Angelic is another word that is often associated with the work of mothers. Why not when the work of angels is to minister, proclaim truth and stand in the trenches as warriors.  I need these ideals. They audaciously sustain my hope in me as a Mom, because when circumstances feel or truly are less than ideal, I know motherhood never is, never was and never will be.