International Women’s Day 2019

March 8th is International Women’s Day. As an international women’s organization we participate in this day by remembering the women who brought us into the world, our mothers.

I met a woman the other day who was abused as a child. After that sexual abuse she wanted to stop being a woman, because she thought if she was a boy she would be safe from abuse. She hated her female body and even threw rocks at her private parts to try to damage them.

For years she hated herself and her womanhood. After years of emotional agony and even the occasional desire to commit suicide this woman found reparative therapy, some people call it conversion therapy. With the help of her therapist she was able to learn to love herself for the first time she could remember.

After a while this woman, who was now okay with being a woman, found the love of her life and got married. She explained that she now has children and realizes the real power here body has. She said she loves her woman/mother body now and rejoices in what her body parts can do.

Women are amazing! WOW loves men and boys too. All people are part of making society wonderful. But, women can grow another person inside of themselves. Women are vital for preserving a society, and create the most valuable products a society has, its people.

WOW celebrates International Women’s Day today by Celebrating Women and Mothers everywhere who nurture their societies toward more love and caring.

Abortion Nation

The United States seems to be suffering from a bad case of genocide. But, some states are saying, “enough is enough, the killing stops here.”

Genocide is usually associated with third world countries, but in recent years the world’s largest genocides have been happening in highly developed first world countries.

“According to the New York State Department of Health, 285,127 induced abortions occurred in the state between 2012 and 2014. The average number of live births for the same three years was 237,499.” (CBS News January 24, 2019)

Within a two year period New York state had more abortions than live births, yet they thought their abortion laws were too conservative. So, this past January, on the 46th anniversary of Roe v Wade, New York State made a new more liberal abortion law to allow abortions up to the full gestational term of the baby.

The pro-abortionists heralded this new law as a great moment, but the pro-people/pro-life people in the United States felt it was a sad day for the country. “Is life so cheap that killing should be commonplace?” They wondered.

New York’s acceptance of infanticide isn’t unique. Rebecca Downs, with Live Action reported, “Eight states and Washington, D.C., allow abortion until birth for any reason (Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, and New York).”

American Answers Back

These eight states are the minority. Most states are still banning abortion after 20-24 weeks. But, a few states seem to have decided to answer the genocide movement by passing more stringent abortion laws which match their family-loving state cultures. Arkansas passed and Utah hopes to pass 18 week abortion bans which put pressure on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade. These two states hope to be the first two of many who are willing to make a political statement that they are tired genocide and of being bullied by abortionist to accept their practices.

WOW is proud of the courage of Arkansas and Utah and encourages other states and nations to continue to protect life and combat the largest genocide movement the world has ever seen, abortion.