Back to School, Back to P*rn?

WOW is issuing a WARNING to all parents with school age children, that  po*rn  purveyors have pushed explicit material into the digital pages of our schools that almost all students have access to.

This is how it works. Schools, both  public and private, online and charter, purchase online library resources. It is akin to the old fashioned reference section of the library. One leading supplier  across the nation is acronymed  EBSCO. Colleges, universities and libraries also purchase from them, which allows all students and patrons  access. The problem is these online reference centers are filled with hardcore p*rnography.

WOW began an investigation into this and within 3 hours was able to document around 8,000 explicit images, articles and advertisements. This raises many questions such as Why are s*x ads in  the student reference library?  Much of the explicit so -called reference material comes from  sales magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamor, Marie Claire, and many others within this closed system.

Every student in Utah, whether elementary, middle or high school, who has online access at school also has access to EBSCO through the Utah Education Network. As a matter of fact, it is a recommended place for research, and often preferred above a direct internet search for being safer. This is not true. Schools generally have filters for the internet, but because these reference libraries are a closed system, they CAN NOT BE FILTERED. As a matter of fact, when the reference library is searched the only URL  that appears is the reference library name.

WOW discovered that EBSCO is listed as one of the National Center of Sexual Exploitation’s Dirty Dozen. You can link to their website for more detailed and graphic information and access to some great action items.

Two other news stories have recently broken about the EBSCO database problem in Colorado and Kansas as well.



WOW is currently working to get the UEN to sever ties with EBSCO. Nicholeen Peck was able to interview with KTVU channel 2 news in Utah.  Link to that interview:

UEN said in a statement that they will continue to leave EBSCO available over the weekend, and have contacted EBSCO about the explicit material. This is not a satisfactory response.  Ray Timothy, CEO of UEN was unavailable for an interview until Monday or Tuesday. Please contact UEN 801 581 6991, [email protected] , your local school, your school board and your legislator  and let them know this will not be tolerated in UTAH.

Update on This Situation:

The UEN held a special board meeting on October 1, 2018 just to discuss the EBSCO issue and intended at that time to vote to re-enable the database resource for schools after it had been disabled for about a week and a half. There were 8 of the board who were able to attend the meeting. The 6 men voted to keep EBSCO out of schools until it could be proven safe. The 2 women voting didn’t protect children well. The representative for the state school board, Patty Norman, abstained from the vote because the school board had a split opinion. And, Colleen Eggett, the head of Utah libraries and the Utah Online Library, which hosts EBSCO, said that children had a first amendment right to see whatever they want, and that it is up to parents to teach children what to do if they come across something bad.

Colleen claimed no responsibility for protecting children or honoring parental rights to keep their children safe when in public. She said the problem was 30% a technology problem and 70% a problem with children not being taught skills by their parents. This claim is very concerning. First, if I governed over any product that had 30% of the blame in hurting my customers, I would pull the product and fix it immediately. That is a very large percentage. Is she saying that 30% of the database is problematic? Second, everyone concerned, parents, students, and teachers, were all told the databases were safe because they were not linked to the internet. The items in the database had to be intentionally put there. So, to put 70% of the blame on parents and teachers is a shift of the blame.

This claim that access to pornography on a public computer is a first amendment right is something the ALA [American Library Association] made up. It is not actually a right. Just as a person doesn’t have the right to scream fire in a crowded movie theatre when there isn’t a fire because it can endanger other people, pornography on a public computer that children have access to is not a right.

WOW blames the ALA for the faulty thinking of Ms. Eggett, and does not see the ALA as a trusted authority on keeping children safe, especially since the ALA has been trying to undermine the Child Internet Protection Act [CIPA] laws since 2001. They even went as far as to sue the government as well as create a day of the year called Banned Internet Sites Day and create their own library bill of rights. The ALA is acting as if they are their own government and that the government owes them respect, instead of the reverse.

Parents, please don’t allow your children to access library databases without you there, and speak up against databases at the schools in your area too that might be subjecting your children to pornography. Do some checking. And, tell other parents.

We commend the UEN for voting to keep EBSCO disabled for the time being and for their efforts to keep pushing toward cleaning up the pornography problem on school databases. Even an article in the EBSCO database titled “Top 10 Security Risk Factors for Public and Academic Libraries” said that pornography being seen at libraries by minors and non-consenting adults was number 4 of their 10 risks. . So, they know about it. The good thing is, now parents know about it too. We must protect the children.

Also, Thursday, October 4, 2018 the Utah State School Board met to vote on what their position would be on the EBSCO databases being reinstated. Even though multiple board members were opposed to the idea, the majority of the school board voted to reinstate EBSCO databases when the vote comes up again at the UEN board meeting. WOW cannot believe that a school board would be so careless with the protection of children’s safety. We don’t feel we can have confidence in a state school board who takes something this serious so lightly. They have more of a duty to protect the children and families of Utah than the interests of a few librarians and teachers.




Christian Families in Pakistan Uniting to Learn Self-Government

YounasANDMarthaGroup photo with Pastor Sharoon.jpg

Younas and Martha Martin are from a small Christian community in Lahore, Pakistan. While looking for a school to send their daughter to, they researched the top U.S. universities to see which ones had the strongest family values. They ultimately decided upon Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. After their daughter married and settled down in early 2015, she learned about a type of family communication and parenting called, “Teaching Self-Government.” This began a chain of events that today is transforming whole communities of families in Pakistan.

How It All Began

It’s not every day I get Facebook calls from Pakistan, but that’s just what Younas and Martha Martin did. They called me.

Through phone calls and emails, I learned about the work they were doing in Pakistan with a Catholic program called “Family Life.” This program helps women and children in their Christian community and around their area. It’s designed to strengthen family relationships, improve character and protect the sanctity of human life.

“What a small world!” I thought. Our family had also just been approached by the “Family Life” office for the Catholic Diocese in Kenya. They requested for us to come to Kenya for 3 weeks to train the leaders in the Catholic church who are over family programs. I mentioned this coincidence to the Martins and they said they would love to have our family do a similar training in Pakistan.

Sadly, we just can’t go everywhere we’re requested to go for multiple reasons, so I had to tell the Martins I wouldn’t be able to come to Pakistan to train their families. However, helping the families in the Christian communities in Pakistan is a perfect match for the mission of Teaching Self-Government, so I suggested that we donate an online training course to them to use for the “Family Life” group there.

Each month the Martins invited their community to gather in their home for lessons about being calm, strengthening couple relationships, and establishing loving but firm parenting skills. They have been helping many community members transform their family cultures so that their homes are more emotionally and spiritually safe, as well as empowering.

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After a few months of teaching the group, it became too large for the Martin home to handle. They had to look for a larger location. With help from The Worldwide Organization for Women, a nonprofit charity, they located and rented a larger facility for their monthly meetings.

Monthly — and sometimes more often — the Martins open the doors of their Family Life center in Lahore to teach the self-government principles that are bringing needed peace and understanding in their homes and community.

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One recent attendee to the Teaching Self-Government classes emailed me to tell me how her family has drastically changed. She said it was due to focusing on strengthening their family relationships by learning new skills for communication and understanding.

As part of their family outreach and healing, the Martins also prepare clothing and food packages for poor children and women in their community. Each year the Martin’s funds have decreased, but they still do what they can and try to get others to help too.

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No matter where we are around the world, the human family shares one thing in common: the love and need of family. We all have families. Families are our greatest influencers and learning environments for our lives. So, if family life is not feeling calm, loving and united, then the whole family struggles. In fact, our societies and the world also struggle. It’s inspiring to see people dedicate the golden years of their lives to making the world a better place and sacrificing so much to bring families closer together.

To donate to the Pakistan Family Life Project, visit . Since WOW is a registered nonprofit, your donation is tax deductible.


Lest We Forget: The Vision of Educating Young People


This is the time of year the focus of the world is on education and preparing our children to learn and grow toward success. We enroll the children in classes, schools, programs and activities in hopes they will get an education to prepare them for the future. Is our current educational plan adequate for the future our children will face? How can we know what they will need when the future is uncertain? Will foreign languages, advanced math classes, and programs designed to enhance talents be enough? What is most important?

The Beginning of Schooling in America

Today there are a few educational theorists who believe that if parents would get out of the way then children would be free to get a better education. However, the majority of society still knows that children need direction and instruction from wise adults and parents throughout their education because proper moral development requires guidance. From the time parents took education upon themselves, prior to common schooling practices today, adults have acknowledged two kinds of education: intellectual education and moral education.

Moral education encompasses learning honesty, respect for others, responsibility, duty, virtues and good citizenship. It helps young people acquire virtues and develop moral habits that will prepare them to live good and happy lives. It also helps them become valuable and contributing members of society.

When common schools were first started in Dedham, part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the New World, moral education was the top priority. The New England Puritans were concerned that their children learned to be good people by following the examples of those from the Bible more than any other books. The early colleges and universities followed this format as moral as well as intellectual places of learning.

What Are Youth Preparing For?

It’s often said that the only constant in life is change. Innovations consistently change the world. We regularly must adapt and learn to use new devices and machines as old ones become obsolete. The Ironrite ironing machine my mother learned to use a child didn’t prepare her for the computer I had to learn as a child. She had to adapt. Likewise, the hover boards of today will not prepare our children for the advancements of tomorrow. Clearly education for our youth isn’t about gadgets or learning to use technology. Anyone can do that. We all did it.

So, what are we preparing our youth for? Are we preparing them for a certain kind of career? Jobs phase in and out. There used to be jobs that don’t even exist anymore like typesetters, lamplighters and log drivers. What did those people do when their jobs were no longer needed? They adapted. We have jobs today that are getting replaced by software and powerful economic engines that will make some current jobs obsolete in no time. What will happen to manufacturing, editing, underwriting, teaching, farming, and many other such jobs? What will we do when we’re reduced to facilitator when we used to create lesson plans ourselves as teachers? Well, I guess we will need to adapt or innovate in a new direction.

Additionally, the political and economic climates will also always be changing. So, if technology, finances, politics and jobs will change, this means that no matter who the student is, when they complete their educational experience, the future is always uncertain.

Getting the Best Education for Adaptation

In a time when children and adults are becoming less confident in their skills and more fragile in their emotions and relationships, it’s clear something is generally missing from our current educational experiences.

Many parents are seeing this deficit and going back to historical values-based learning, which usually involves good old fashioned work. Why do parents tend to look to work when the children seem to be becoming more selfish, entitled, and emotionally fragile? Something inside every successful adult points back to the steps they made to become who they are. They know they conquered task by task and that it took years of determination, persistence and grit. They pushed themselves toward their goals by working. They remember doing chores and being made to work as children. And they  realize when looking at a selfish child that work must be an important part of a good moral education.

And so it is. Philosopher Samuel Smiles said in the 1800s, “Work is the antidote for a sick character.”

The best education we can give our children is a character-building education; a moral education. Since character is crowned with duty, a person can’t have good character without morality — meaning a commitment to follow what is good, right and true. A person learns to have duty by feeling bound to serve goodness and do what is right.

So often today’s youth are taught to look at only what is self-serving. They ask themselves, “What’s in it for me?” And “What do I get out of it?” In fact, serving themselves is almost made to sound like a virtue. “Be the real you” and “achieve your dreams” are catch phrases of the day that they are indoctrinated with. These phrases don’t serve a higher power or morality. They create a new morality where the child or the person is the supreme authority.

Lest we forget, no matter what lies ahead of us, the greatest education is one that teaches character, industry, faith, intelligence, loyalty, duty and determination. This type of education will fit a man or woman for whatever lies ahead, no matter the impending changes. When individuals have a good moral education, they will always be hired, always lead and always be prepared to innovate solutions for the days ahead.

A united family environment is essential for teaching character development. These resources can help the family become more united.

Protecting Children Digitally and Sexually at the United Nations CSW Parallel Event

child surfing.jpg

This year at the UN CSW [Conference on the Status of Women] WOW hosted a parellel event for world leaders called “Family: The Girl Child’s First Line of Defense in Health & Education.”

The first part of that presentation was all about educating parents about digital dangers they might not be aware of and what they need to know to keep children safe as digital citizens.

Here is WOW Vice President, Yvonne Averett, talking about digital citizenship and the new WOW Before They Connect: Mini guide for parents. 

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See other speakers from the parallel event here. 

Stopping Sexual Abuse the Most Effective Way: With Parent Involvement!


Sexual abuse is definately a large problem around the world. WOW is very concerned about it. As we travel the world and meet with parents, leaders and teachers we see that the best way to combat and prevent sexual abuse is to empower parents to take the appropriate action to keep their children safe. 

It is not the child’s job to keep themselves safe, and teachers and community members can only do so much. But, the parent can keep the child safe by regularly teaching some simple and non-graphic or overly sexualizing messages to their children. WOW presented this parent guide called Simple and Safe! 

This year at the UN CSW [Conference on the Status of Women] WOW hosted a parellel event for world leaders called “Family: The Girl Child’s First Line of Defense in Health & Education.” and presented some surprisingly simple solutions to the sexual abuse problems facing the world and directly spoke to the problem in different parts of the world.

Here are some video clips of Amaka Ada Akudinobi, Esq. and Nahiomi Aponte addressing the topic openly and frankly.  Even though we don’t have footage of the talk, we’d like to also thank Mrs. World Ambassador, Heather Richey, for her wonderful presentation and singing at the event! 

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To see the speech about digital citizenship and keeping children safe online, click here. 

WOW at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York

csw2017 resize.jpg

Worldwide Organization for Women sponsored a parallel event at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW),  March 21, 2017, titled, Family: The Girl Child’s First Line of Defense in Health & Education.  

WOW held a panel with six speakers, who presented information on child sex abuse prevention. WOW emphasized that the most effective abuse prevention program is to empower parents by giving them the information they need to prevent sexual abuse .  The panel presenters were: Nicholeen Peck, President of WOW, Yvonne Averett, WOW Board, Sharon Slater of Family Watch, Amaka Akudinobi, WOW Africa member, Nahiomi Aponte, student, and Heather Richey, Mrs.World Ambassador.

WOW premiered their two free  e-guides, Simple & Safe, and Before They Connect. Before They  Connect offers information about young “digital citizens” and the potential dangers associated with internet use, and suggestions for creating a family use plan. Simple & Safe is a guide that teaches 4 simple safetylessons, essential for children to learn, and how to prevent sexual abuse for parents.

Health and & Education are two strategic areas the UN has included in its Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Goals are assessed and rewritten every 15 years.  When participating at  CSW, or other UN event, WOW  advocates  family solutions to the many problems and issues the UN addresses. 

Here is our president: Nicholeen Peck, opening the event after we endured protesting from another group and while the other group was in the hallway trying to stop world leaders and diplomats from attending the event. [[{“fid”:”188″,”view_mode”:”default”,”type”:”media”,”link_text”:null,”attributes”:{“height”:360,”width”:480,”class”:”media-element file-default”}}]]

Click Here to hear teh presentation about Digital Citizenship and keeping children safe online!

Click Here to hear some of our speakers addressing what can be done globally to stop the sexual abuse of children!

Click Here for the free e-book Before They Connect 

Click Here for the free e-book Simple and Safe 


Before They Connect


We live in an age of digital learning, digital stimulation, and digital societies. Wise parents carefully consider and plan how their children can use these modern resources safely before allowing their children to connect.

This resource guide is designed to help parents prepare their children to be safe online before they go online, and focuses how to help the children stay safe online once they are already digital citizens.


Simple Safe


It has been proven that the best way to keep children safe from sexual abuse is for the parents to have ongoing teaching about safety and boundaries.

Even though no one can stomach the sexual abuse of children and many are trying to prevent it through policy and education, the people who can do the most to prevent the sexual abuse of children are the parents of the child.

Some parents mistakenly assume the topic is too sensitive or too complicated for them to teach their children. Teaching children about staying safe from sexual abuse is simple and natural for parents to teach.

This guide was created to help parents and other adults who teach and help children to know the most effective ways of talking to children about the sensitive topic of sexual abuse.

The guide was written so that it was gentle enough for small children. The concepts presented here are equally important for older children and teens, but parents may feel a need to adapt the concepts to an older audience.

Access Guide Here! 

Truth Be Told…Influence of Family is Astounding!


Even though there’s violence dotting the globe, the largest battle of our day isn’t physical. It’s a war of words. All these words are supposed to lead the listeners to truth. Often the talk feels cheap even though the claim is each new idea, paradigm and argument is the most valuable.

Is this word war new? How are children faring during this ideological war? What is happening to family relationships and the historical pattern for finding happiness and success in life? How is this war impacting business, government and religious groups? What impact does the family have on this battle?

This battle of ideas has been going on since the beginning of time and is often referred to as “the great debate.” Philosophers, scientists, theologians and families have tried to determine which ideas are true and which are merely creative, or worse, controlling. Why? Because the search for truth is the search for the meaning of life. Truth is a knowledge of things as they were, are, and as they are to come. Truth is limited to these parameters. Anything more or anything less is a deception of the truth.

Can Common Consensus Make a World Flat?

“By some, ‘truth’ has been defined as a variable—as a relative term. Those who argue thus take the position that what is commonly thought to be true by the constituted authorities of any particular generation is true for that time. That is to say, what is generally believed to be true today is true for this day. But to say this is also to say that what was believed to be true yesterday was true yesterday… That sounds very plausible until we reduce it to specific cases. There was a generation that believed and proclaimed that the world was flat. They were sincere in this belief, and thought they were proclaiming truth—but that didn’t make the world flat, and the truth was and is that the world was not and is not flat. And so we could multiply examples of what people have believed and have not believed, suddenly to come to the realization that no matter what men at a given time happen to believe, if it isn’t true, their belief doesn’t make it true, no matter what the constituted authority of the day has to say about it. Truth cannot be made by authority—nor can it be unmade. Truth is eternal.” (Richard L. Evans)

The Influence of Home and Parents

Even though truths can be taught elsewhere, no one can take the parents’ place as the most influential voice for and example of what truth is. Good parents know a large part of their parental role is to teach their children the vital truths that are necessary to be discerning and free.

The family has the greatest potential for impact on preserving truth, as well as bringing individuals to the truths they need for living happily. Truth brings security, promotes personal goals and initiates a life of purpose. Happiness in life is assured if a person has truth and lives true to it.

Even though this true principle can be discovered in the volumes of histories and biographies throughout the world, families nowadays are currently struggling to help their children find purpose, happiness and truth. Why is that? And what can parents do to create a greater positive impact on their children?

What is happening to children, family relationships, and the treasured values and truths that have historically been taught by parents? Parents are still teaching their children as often as they have time, but lack of time is one challenge parents face today. Families are over-scheduled. Without quality time and experiences together, a parent is just another voice in a very loud world.

The digital age presents more voices participating in “the great debate” than ever before. How are children, and adults for that matter, able to process and discern between the vast amounts of paradigms and ideologies?

Parents can have greater influence in teaching the truths to their children than any other voice in the world if the family relationships are strong and the parents are calm, honest and non-emotional when discussing the differing opinions. Parents need to arm their children with the truth before someone or something else becomes their first source of information claiming to be the truth.

A wise parent talks about sensitive issues before the child is exposed to other sources, and does so with honesty, modesty and a feeling of safety. This feeling alone will bring children back to their parents again and again to talk and ask questions when the child encounters something in contrast to the truths the parent has already taught.

Obviously, more time with family and parents also increases a child’s chances for finding the truths that lead to purpose, security and happiness. Parents mistakenly assume their children need lots of time with their friends and digital devices just because the children are asking for it. Children aren’t typically able to discern what they need psychologically, morally and ideologically. If they could, they wouldn’t need parents. Parents are charged with safeguarding their children’s minds and hearts. They do this best by first discerning for their children, and then teaching and training them to discern for themselves. Then their children will have the experience and skills to appropriately discern when they reach adulthood.

Truth is important for lifelong happiness, but not everything that proclaims to be truth is. Creativity and common consensus don’t make truth. Even though the war of words can be overwhelming, I encourage parents to stand taller, be wiser, and connect deeper with their children. Be the teacher and leader they need in a world full of self-proclaimed leaders who simply desire fame and/or fortune.

Your influence is astounding. Your family relationships can make all the difference in the happiness of your child.

Read “Roles: The Secret to Family, Business, and Social Success” by Nicholeen Peck for more information on how to improve your relationships and positive influence.

Solutions for Today’s Teenage Sexual Problems


The other day I was attending a very heated legislative committee meeting in Utah where changes to the way state school teachers teach about sexual health were proposed. I recognized some of the legislators were not acknowledging the real solution to the problems facing teenagers.

Debate and public comments on the proposed changes went on for hours. Lawmakers didn’t like the bill and ended up voting it down. However, right before the bill was officially refused some legislators expressed concern about some of the sexual problems they see pertaining to young people nowadays. Even though it wasn’t the solution, they understood why the bill was proposed.

One legislator said that he didn’t know the solution to all the problems he was seeing in young people, but he would really like someone to figure it out. He also said that since times have changed, we need to make some changes, but he isn’t sure the right way to do it.

It is to that legislator’s suggestions that I would like to address my thoughts in this article.

The moment he expressed his concerns I had some thoughts. The first thought was this is a parenting issue, not a legislature issue. Legislators aren’t meant to take care of every problem facing an individual or family. They simply can’t, and even if they try it won’t be effective. They are too far away from the problem. The only solutions they can offer are a statement of encouragement or caution, a law that makes behavior illegal, or money to fund new programs. None of these legislative options would be effective in changing a teenager’s behavior problems, such as engaging in dangerous sexual acts.

The only way to solve the teenage sexual behaviors is for the teenagers and parents to improve their relationship and connection by establishing consistent, quality, open communication and to have clearly understood family roles. With correct family roles, teenagers will understand and embrace the fact that they’re still learners and that their parents are teachers. They’ll learn the importance of adhering to their parent’s counsel with love and respect. To achieve this, families need more uninterrupted time to talk, play and learn together.

A Change of Heart

The second thought I had was a comment from my 20-year-old son related to another issue. He said, “We can’t legislate good behaviors.” He’s right. Just because something is written on a document doesn’t mean a heart is changed or a behavior problem is corrected.

Long-term change of behavior is an indication that a heart has changed. For the sexually active or pornography viewing teenagers to have a change of heart, they need to have a vision of what type of life they want to have as adults. I wonder if anyone has taken the time to talk about where they see their lives in 10 years and what they want most out of life. Do they know the true recipe for a happy life?

They also need to be taught problem-solving skills by their parents. These are skills that can not only be applied to all difficult situations, but also empower them to choose differently. Learning proper adult skills while young is key for future success as an adult.

Ultimately, a changed heart means a repentant heart. When children see who they want to become and a parent helps them take the necessary steps to become that good person, then they can achieve that objective. Good works and good discussions will help them fully sacrifice and leave behind the sexual temptations of the past.

Our Changing Times?

Are sexual temptations a thing of the present but not the past? People seem to look at sexuality (experiencing sexual pleasure) as one of the hallmarks of a good life these days. Conversations about serving others and living with purpose and purity seem to have been replaced with conversations about mapping out your sex life and making sure each person “feels good” about what they do sexually.

When I heard this state representative mention how our times had changed and how we definitely need to make some changes, but he didn’t know what changes needed to be made, I felt like the room was left in an unnecessary black hole.

Have our bodies and sexual natures ever changed in the history of humanity? Are sexual urges and bad sexual choices new? No. That would be impossible. So, what is new? The only thing that has changed in our times is the reprioritizing of morals, values, purpose and facts pertaining to each individual, family, and our environment. A Facebook group page dedicated to the “smart” education of children has a slogan: “Facts taught in school, values taught at home.”

When I saw this slogan I wondered how they think the school would ever be able to not teach values. It’s impossible. If religious or patriotic values are not taught at school, but only facts, then those facts will become the values. Isn’t the purpose of a fact to lead a person to understanding a truth? If schools teach facts and not values, then children are just left to being indoctrinated with information that could be contrary to what they hear at home and church.

I guess times have changed, but the solution isn’t to give more and more unnecessary facts. Instead, we need to focus as a society on empowering parents with the responsibility to give more and more values, morals and truths to their children.When a person has values, they have obligation, duty, purpose, integrity and virtue. These are precisely the things we need in these changing times.

Dear unnamed legislator, The answer to the problem of teenagers engaging in too much sexual behavior these days is this: To change the hearts of the children we must first strengthen the hearts of the parents. Parents are the hearts of families. They must effectively fulfil their parental roles and create a culture that is stronger than the current pop culture and social culture. Unfortunately, these are the cultures being followed more often than a healthy family culture in homes worldwide these days.

To learn more about training a heart listen to the “Training the Heart” audio class by Nicholeen.