WOW! Look What We’ve Been Up To!

Happy New Year!

Look what WOW accomplished in 2018!

2018 started out with the WOW team fighting to protect life by meeting with many legislators to help them see that babies shouldn’t be discriminated against just because they have Down’s Syndrome. We also successfully stopped an attempt by lawmakers to institute Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Utah schools. Our Utah legislative team was happy to have Kursten Mason back as the Utah Legislative liaison for the WOW organization.

The Worldwide Organization for Women is growing! This year we brought many new team members into the WOW organization. Tepoerava Ka’Aumoana, probably the happiest Tahitian woman I’ve ever met, joined us as our head of WOW communications. This was a much needed post to fill, and WOW really enjoys working with her.

We also brought on Klarrissa Newman as a WOW chapter mentor. Klarissa is expanding our chapter reach in an effort to inform and empower more women around the globe.

We have also invited Jenipher Otieno, a professor from Nairobi, Kenya, to be part of the WOW organization. She is the new head of fundraising. Not only does Jenipher teach others how to fundraise, but has been helping families in Kenya for many many years as the head of the Family Resource Center there. We are so happy to have her wisdom and experience with our team.

Early on in the year WOW found out that our website had been hacked and damaged. It was beyond repair, so we had to fund the creation of a new website yet again, this time with heightened security. It is a sign that we are doing good things when malicious people go out of their way to try to stop us from doing our work. It was just one more confirmation that the work we are doing to strengthen families and protect women and children is very needed.

At the annual Conference on the Status of Women [CSW] at the United Nations, WOW presented about the importance of protecting religious liberties for women, nurturing basic life skills in girls and women in order to be more self-sustaining, and the importance of honoring mothers.

Our president, Nicholeen Peck, was instrumental in writing the Global Declaration of Mothers that was first released at the United Nations this year. This collaborative document acknowledges and empowers mothers all over the world.

In New York, the WOW organization spoke at a rally protesting UNICEF’s acceptance of and promotion of graphic sexual education to children around the world. The fight to protect the children from industrial sexualization is an on going fight for our organization.

Our president spoke to over 20,000 parents this year about how to improve family relationships and overall peace.

The KCCB [Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops] invited Nicholeen to speak for the Humane Vitae Golden Jubilee Celebration in Nairobi, Kenya. The celebration was all about protecting lives. The conference asked Nicholeen to address improving family relationships as well. Her talk was called The Family is the Key to the Success of the Humane Vitae.

While in Kenya, Nicholeen also spoke to a grass roots group of homeschooling parents who are trying to create strong families despite the troubles they face in society. She also made a special radio appearance for the Catholic radio station in the area.

While there, Nicholeen also did a some special presentations for the members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Nairobi area. Here is an excerpt from on of her talks.

Carol Ugochukwu, the president of WOW Africa, and her daughter Amaka, continue to serve the women, girls and families of Nigeria. They have had multiple activities to teach and benefit the people there. More information about these activities is included in a separate article.

WOW participated in the Protect Child Health Coalition conference in Omaha, Nebraska this fall. And, we maintained our partnership with the World Congress of Families, a global force calling for protection of the family and family values.

WOW exposed an international database scandal to the state of Utah and got the UEN [Utah Education Network] to take action to remove the content in the EBSCO database that was inappropriate for children. Here is a link to the news story done about this scandal.

Sadly, despite the great effort of the UEN the databases were not cleaned good enough by EBSCO and the work to clean up the Utah databases at libraries and schools is still ongoing. But, WOW is working very hard to inform people and get the problem resolved in order to protect Utah children.

WOW was asked to participate at the annual NAFFA [Native American Fatherhood and Families Association] convention, in Arizona, about strengthening family relationships and improving family communications.

WOW chapter meetings are continuing to happen, while more women are showing interest in starting WOW chapters in their areas.

Finally, WOW was honored to be asked to become the lead organization for the Empowered Families Coalition this year. The coalition is dedicated to advocating for families through the legislative process and through the education of leaders and families. This position will last for one year.

We Need Your Help!

WOW does so many things each year. But, we aren’t able to all we are asked to do because we don’t have enough funds to make it happen. Each member of the WOW board personally funds the majority of projects WOW is engaged in. We love the work, but can each only give so much out of our household budgets each year.

We need you! This year, 2019, we have already been invited to speak at the United Nations again, to speak at the World Congress in Italy, and to educate families and leaders in Benin and Nigeria. We simply cannot afford all these expenses alone.

If you believe in the work WOW is doing and are grateful to the time the WOW board gives without any recompense, then please help us continue this sacred work by making a donation to this mission to protect women and children by strengthening the family and society.

Donate here.

Utah March for Life

march4lifeemail2018printableformary2 (1).png

If you live in the Utah area please join us for a “March for Life” Event at the state capital.  We will begin at Washington Square (451 South State Street,  Salt Lake City) We will walk to the capital.  This is an important event to help in our efforts to support Life here in our state. Bring a donation of diapers for the Pregnancy Resource Center. Dr. Kathi Aultman is speaking and we will also be joined by U.S. Congress Woman Representative Mia Love.

For more information go to 

The event is this Saturday January 20, 2018 and starts at 11:00 am although if you would like to go early and help volunteer for set up we need volunteers to help. E-Mail Deanna Holland ([email protected]) if you can help with this.  We would love to see support for this event from our W.O.W. members.

What Is Destroying Family Bonding?


There is an international parent/child bonding problem. The world has never seen a global lack of parent/child attachment like this before. Of course, there are factors leading to this detachment, factors that the world has also never seen before. Are we experimenting on our families and children and calling it good leadership? Have we given up our roles in the family for social conformity, loss of identity, and cluelessness?

I know I’m not going to win many points with diligent, loving parents by calling them clueless. I’m not intending to be mean, but every day I see video after video that laughs at what parents don’t know. Comedians and YouTubers have never-ending fodder for their acts if parenting is continually equal to a joke. If parents are overly tough, people will laugh. If parents are passive, people will laugh. If parents are worn out and have attitude problems, people will laugh. Why do they laugh?

In the case of comedy acts, GIFS, or online videos, people laugh to fit in socially. They also laugh at comedy like this because they’re allowed into a shared joke. It’s like someone finally told the truth, or inside joke, to the whole room or online world, and everyone listening or watching felt like someone finally got it and allowed them to laugh at it at the same time. They both act like they finally met someone who had the same joke they were hiding inside.

This analysis of why people are only laughing at parenting nowadays doesn’t mean I don’t have a sense of humor. I like a good laugh too. But, the fact that the sarcasm and promotion of parental cluelessness far outweighs the promotion of good, confident parenting is a sad sign for the future of our families and our personal happiness.

Gender Listening Session

Quite by surprise I was asked to consult the U.S. State Department at what they called a “Gender Listening Session.” This session was dedicated to empowering women and girls. As I listened to the other leaders of women’s and girls’ charities and initiatives, as well as leaders in our country, I noticed that I seemed to be the one voice advocating that strengthening the family can create empowerment, safety, and economic stability worldwide.

Each group attending works with people worldwide. These people they work with come from various ethnic, cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds. Some of the problems, like sex-trafficking and sexual crimes against women, were seen in all countries discussed. We all agreed that these problems were of universal concern to all present. But, the ideas for solving these problems varied. Some organizations suggested giving women and girls more access to media and sexual services. Some groups were looking for strategies on how to get more women to be activists for equality so that they can feel empowered. But, I guess I saw things a bit different.

“What is the root problem and the root solution?” I kept asking myself. “Can money, programs, and activism really make women and girls of all countries happy and safe?”

No way. Safety comes from good leadership and self-confidence. Where does a person get these things organically? In the family. Who loves a girl more than her family? Who will risk more for a woman than her family? Who will support her more?

Young girls need a support system. The proven, best support system for them is their families. In almost every case, no one loves the girl like her family. No program or organization can ever replace a family full of love and understanding, as opposed to broad calculations and assumptions. We need to empower girls to turn to their families for learning and support instead of turning to the unfeeling, selfish media voices they’re inundated with. 

Recommendations to the U.S. State Department

What is destroying the family bonding that women and girls so drastically need for happy, productive living? Here are the five reasons I gave:

1. Instead of bonding to their family, they’re bonding to social media and the online world, including games. Women, girls, men, boys, and even babies are looking at digital devices more than conversing with each other. They’re sadly lacking attention from their family, nor are they giving their family attention.

2. They don’t know who they really are. What is a woman? What is a mother? What is a daughter? Understanding family roles is vital to the confidence and success of any person.

3. Parents don’t teach their children enough. If parents don’t constantly teach and correct their children, the child sees themselves as the parent. This creates entitlement and lack of respect, which ruins the leadership roles and function of the family relationships.

4. Parents lack skills for good parenting. Why didn’t parents prior to World War II seem so clueless about parenting? Between then and now we put the delights of the child as the center of the home culture. This is a problem. The parent should always be the center and leader of the home culture. They decide what is most important. Parents are the ones to give instruction and “No” answers. Parents don’t know how to do these simple things, and children aren’t being taught how to follow instructions and accept the “No” answers, among other vital skills. When parents have skills for family problem solving, they exude confidence and secure the respect of their children. Children really want to respect their parents. If the child is the center or boss of the family, then all the family bonds are destroyed.

5. Mothers don’t see themselves as economic engines in society. There is no more vital product a country turns out than its citizens. Child rearing is a cottage industry done best by a mother, who was literally given the life of her child to mold. Motherhood is becoming an after-hours hobby instead of a vital social role. It must come first, even if mothers are also involved in a career.

True Leadership for Today’s Families

These are the reasons family bonding is damaged. And, the solution to these problems are in the problems themselves. Good parents control media usage for themselves and their children, take time to make sure roles are understood and respected, lead children by teaching and correcting them constantly, learn the skills they need for parent confidence, and see the product of their parenting as the most valuable contribution a family can make to a society or nation.

The strength of a nation runs right through the very fiber of its people, down to the last town, family and heart. Leadership is built into a social fabric. The family structure required to create a child also provides leaders for each child. False, misguided or clueless leaders will produce weak people. Likewise, a leader who is wise, confident and attentive to the environment they control will instill maturity, wisdom and self-mastery in the hearts of their children. These children will speak truth to the world because their parents, who were safe and good, trusted them with the truths they needed for success that only a family environment can provide.

Learn more about teaching your children self-government here.

Charlie Gard Case for Life and Parental Rights


Little 10 month old Charlie Gard of London England was born healthy, but at age 1 month old was diagnosed with a rare disease called mitochondrial depletion syndrome. Doctors say he has no chance of living but there is one chance; an experimental medicine that might reverse his illness. The problem is the drug and the doctors who administer it are in the United States and the English doctors and courts won’t let the parents take Charlie to the United States. One has to wonder if this is just a money or pride issue for the UK medical system.

People all over the world have reached out to Charlie’s parents in financial support and moral support of their parental rights. Even the Pope and President Donald Trump offered help and support. The parents have the money to take Charlie to the US, but they are still being denied.

The parents took the doctors to court and lost. They worked their way up the court system, going all the way to the European Supreme Courts and were told that Charlie deserves to “die with dignity.” This means they want to kill him.

The courts of Enlgand and Europe put the rights of the child as defined in the UN CRC document ahead of the rights of the parents to care for their children. The title of the case lists his parents against the hospital and Charlie Gard.

The Worldwide Organization for Women recognizes the pain and frustration that Charlie Gard’s parents are going through and sees this case as proof of the importance of protecting parental rights. Parents know their children more than states and doctors do. Parents are entitled to inspiration regarding the raising of their children, but states aren’t. Parents should always be allowed to determine the care and treatment of their children.

May God bless Charlie Gard and his parents this day, since there likely isn’t much time left. We will continue to fight for parental rights for you. It is a women’s issue. Women who have children should have their rights to protect and care for their children protected.

World Congress of Families Budapest 2017 – Report


On the Buda side of historic Budapest in Hungary, the land named for it’s conquerer Attila the Hun, under the majestic Buda Castle, where Prime Minister Viktor Orban has his office, the eleventh World Congress of Families was held.

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WOW’s president, Nicholeen Peck, and a couple of her interns, which just happened to be her adult children too, traveled to Budapest to participate at the congress. 

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The first night of the congress started with a welcome that was truly a World Congress of Families FIRST, a flash mob. They had a family flash mob at the historic Liberty Square. Here is a video of the flashmob. 

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Mr. Viktor Orban invited Nicholeen to speak at the congress about The Importance and Sanctity of Motherhood as part of a panel of experts on the topic. 

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During the Demographic Forum, which was the day before the official start of the congress Viktor Orban spoke aboute the importance of Hungarian families having children because their population decreases each year by more people than their country lost during the whole Holocaust and they are concerned for their future. 

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There were many great speakers about the complicated demographic situation around the world. This slide was part of the presentation by Pat Fagan, who explained that children have better gains when they are raised by intact families who practice their religions. 

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As part of the congress it is customary to see cultural events. This congress was no exception. It was so much fun to see the native Hungarian dancing and singers. But, the best part was that the performers were mostly children. They are being trained in their national heritage, which is so imporant for them to develop strong identities. 

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We met people from all over the world who are busily engaged in trying to strengthen families identities and bonds, and who are working to safeguard policy in order to create sustainable countries based upon family values. 

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As a partner of the World Congress of Families, WOW hosted a booth. At this booth we gave away three free e-books to leaders and families. We gave links and copies to Simple and Safe, Before They Connect, and A Free Parenting Assessement donated by Teaching Self-Government LLC. 

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As always, we are honored to be able to participate at the World Congress of Families and feel like this year’s congress was especially good. It was unique in that there has never been a congress sponsored by a head of a country before. This was a first! But, Prime Minister Viktor Orban was happy to be the first because he wants Hungary to be the “Family Friendly Country.” 

Many meetings have followed the congress. Most recently Hungarian leaders met again to discuss solutions for their demographic crisis and how to safeguard families and children in their country. Clearly the congress has created some momentum in Hungary that should do some good. 


WOW at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York

csw2017 resize.jpg

Worldwide Organization for Women sponsored a parallel event at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW),  March 21, 2017, titled, Family: The Girl Child’s First Line of Defense in Health & Education.  

WOW held a panel with six speakers, who presented information on child sex abuse prevention. WOW emphasized that the most effective abuse prevention program is to empower parents by giving them the information they need to prevent sexual abuse .  The panel presenters were: Nicholeen Peck, President of WOW, Yvonne Averett, WOW Board, Sharon Slater of Family Watch, Amaka Akudinobi, WOW Africa member, Nahiomi Aponte, student, and Heather Richey, Mrs.World Ambassador.

WOW premiered their two free  e-guides, Simple & Safe, and Before They Connect. Before They  Connect offers information about young “digital citizens” and the potential dangers associated with internet use, and suggestions for creating a family use plan. Simple & Safe is a guide that teaches 4 simple safetylessons, essential for children to learn, and how to prevent sexual abuse for parents.

Health and & Education are two strategic areas the UN has included in its Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. Goals are assessed and rewritten every 15 years.  When participating at  CSW, or other UN event, WOW  advocates  family solutions to the many problems and issues the UN addresses. 

Here is our president: Nicholeen Peck, opening the event after we endured protesting from another group and while the other group was in the hallway trying to stop world leaders and diplomats from attending the event. [[{“fid”:”188″,”view_mode”:”default”,”type”:”media”,”link_text”:null,”attributes”:{“height”:360,”width”:480,”class”:”media-element file-default”}}]]

Click Here to hear teh presentation about Digital Citizenship and keeping children safe online!

Click Here to hear some of our speakers addressing what can be done globally to stop the sexual abuse of children!

Click Here for the free e-book Before They Connect 

Click Here for the free e-book Simple and Safe 


“Say What We Want or We’ll Make Your Life H*ll”

Fiery Sunset

This is an accurate sub-heading in an article, Iowa Bureaucrats Force Trans Bathrooms On Churches, Forbid Non-PC Preaching on  website. The article reveals Iowa’s Commission on Human Rights new SOGI regulations. The new regulations place churches under a “public accommodation” banner with stiff fines for those who do not comply.  We knew the intention of anti-discrimination law was meant to FORCE THE KEEPING OF FAITH PRIVATE, but this egregious tyranny reaches even into the private religious domain, which is unconstitutional as well as disturbing. Click HERE to read the article.


Review of “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?”

Review by Phyllis Kimpel

This video based on Andy Andrew’s book made a strong impression on me.

   It begins with asking, “How did Hitler get elected that led to the killing of 11 million people?”  The answer was that he lied to a nation. It quotes Hitler, “How fortunate for leaders, that men do not think. Make the lie big, make it simple, keep it simple and eventually the people will believe it.” In Hitler’s autobiography, Mein Kampf  it said, “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one.” This book was widely read by the German people at the time. The masses either believed Hitler’s lie or ignored it.

   At the time the total German population was 79.9 million people. Less than 10% of the population actively campaigned and worked to bring about Hitler’s change. The vast majority of the population, fathers, mothers, ministers and teachers avoided the uncomfortable truth of what was happening around them and around them.  The Nazis even started targeting the children. By that time they were too late to do anything about it.

   The German people tried to distance themselves. Every Sunday the German people could hear the train and its whistle bringing the Jews to the camps. Since they knew the time the trains would pass by they would start singing at that time to drown out the screaming noises.

The video points out that speaking the truth is the least we should expect from our political leaders. It is a beginning to solving our problems. It asks, “What are our standards for being led? Is it alright for a guy to lie to us even if his intentions are good? Who are the bad guys and who are the good guys? Do we judge the bad guys by their actions and the good guys by their intentions? If so, how can we tell the difference?” The most dangerous thing is, trusting a liar. The movie said, “Have you ever noticed that if we lie to our leaders, it is a felony but if they lie to us, it is politics?”  

  The video ends by asking, “Is lying to be elected acceptable? Would truth be a starting position to solve the nation’s problems? Where are we headed? Can you hear the whistles and wheels coming down the track? How loud are you singing?”

   I think of  April 30, 1789, when George Washington was first inaugurated as the first president of the new nation of the United States of America and after the inauguration, George Washington led a group of people to St. Paul’s Chapel from the Federal building in New York and dedicated America, as a nation to God. In his inaugural address he said, “No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible Hand which conducts the affairs of men, more than the people of the United States.”

    If the first leader of this nation credits God for it being established, what would God think of this nation now? John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

   The citizens of his nation were meant to have freedoms and certain unalienable rights set out by the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. We as a people have become complacent and now we are in a position where our freedoms of religion, parental rights and the moral rights of our children are being threatened by the laws that have been established. What has been our moral conduct before all this happened? What laws supported them? Why? Was it for personal gain, pride, power or greed? What do we need to do to change things so that we are secure of our rights?

    Thomas Jefferson said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” We as citizens have no one to blame but ourselves for not being more involved in the choosing of our leaders and the establishment of our laws.

    I pray, as a “people of good conscience” that we be more involved in the affairs of our government and nation.

Click here to see the video!

World Congress of Families Marches Through The Streets of Tbilisi, Georgia


World Congress of Families X happened May 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia. This historic country with a rich family culture showed the world that even though it used to be part of the Soviet Block it has not forgotten it’s identity. They Georgians displayed their family and religious culture for leaders from around the world as they held four days of conference sessions designed to strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

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In the opening session religious leaders from around the world spoke in support of strengthening the family and praying for the family. Protection of religious liberties is always an important part of protection of family. This is a photo of LDS General Authority, Elder Kacher, saying we need to be teachable like little children. 

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Alexey Komov, head of World Congress of Families Russia & CIS, gave a stirring presentation about the exact steps leading up to soviet control of Russia, which parallel steps being taken by many nations around the world, but especially the Untied States. 


Georgian Orthodox Patriarch Ilia II spoke as well about the sacredness of the family unit. Patriarch Ilia  is the godfather of every third child born in Georgia. He has been through many national crisis and knows the power family has to strengthen a society. His encouragement to have more children and his willingness to become the godfather to many in his nation has increased births and led to more of a family culture in Georgia.


A Historic March For The Family Through Tbilisi 


As part of the conference there was a march for the family from one side of the city to the largest Orthodox Cathedral in Georgia for a short service and blessing on the family by the Holy Patriarch. 

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More than 50,000 people joined the World Congress of Families and world leaders in this march to support the family. 


Georgian political leaders expressed gratitude for what they learned at the congress and some even shared intentions to create legislation that will strengthen the family further and removed information from schools that will damage morality in their nation. 


This historic conference was not without it’s protestors, but they were few in number. The conference was largely accepted by all and was even televised on the national television station.


WOW was happy to speak at this event and sends our thanks to the World Congress of Families who, despite constant attacks, continue to calmly and effectively strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society. 


The Right Way To Teach Sexual Abuse Prevention

[[{“fid”:”150″,”view_mode”:”default”,”type”:”media”,”link_text”:null,”attributes”:{“height”:360,”width”:480,”class”:”media-element file-default”}}]]This year at the United Nations Conference on the Status of Women I got a few minutes to speak about the right and wrong way to teach sexual abuse prevention. 

Teaching children how to be safe from sexual abuse is so important, but some people aren’t recognizing that some comprehensive sexuality education is actually encouraging sexual abuse in children. The Worldwide Organization For Women has worked tirelessly since 1977 to stop the abuse of women and children around the world. Part of stopping this abuse is stopping the sexualization of the planet through theory based educational programs such as Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Worldwide Organization for Women