Home Power – The Solution to Social Ills 

Society, with all of its innovations and intricacies, has lost the vision of home power. With social and political upheaval happening around the globe, parents wonder how to raise up a new generation of people who can set things straight, get society back on track toward goodness, diplomacy, truth, and healthy problem-solving. The solution to these modern problems lies in truths that were fully understood in the past and taught through home power.

Gaskell wrote, “The home is the epitome of society and government.” Whatever happens in the home is what ultimately happens in society. Does this mean that our homes are encouraging social contention and war? Or, maybe, is it that the world’s social and political wars have crept into our homes and shaken the bonds of love, affection, truth, trust and acceptance that should exist there to provide a stable, calm foundation no matter the troubles? What happens to the upbringing of our children if the world raises them through the media in our homes instead of getting life training through the home-training of parents? 

Home Power

Samuel Smiles said, “…home-training includes not only manners and mind, but character. It is mainly in the home that the heart is opened, the habits are formed, the intellect is awakened, and character molded for good or for evil…From that source, be it pure or impure, issue the principles and maxims that govern society. Law itself is but the reflex of homes. The tiniest bits of opinion sown in the minds of children in private life, afterward issue forth to the world, and become its public opinion.” 

Homes have the power to cure or canker society, to corrupt, control, or curtail law. Homes form and open hearts, create stable or slippery foundations, and catapult family opinions into the public sphere, whether true or false, emotional or logical. When we seek to problem-solve the social ills around us, why do we look first to law and legislation, when we should be looking first to home culture, self-culture, and true power; home power? 

Could it be because focusing on improving home culture and self-culture requires taking personal responsibility, self-control, and consistent work, and that law and legislation are just about controlling others and placing blame? The hardest work we ever do is to work on improving ourselves. Healthy homes teach and exemplify self-improvement as the means to happiness and success. 

Home power is a true power. No matter if the home produces moral or immoral opinions, good or evil children and adults, it still has the power to form them. Home power reaches into the formation of thoughts, ideas, morals, character, manners, civility, spirituality, connection, problem-solving, skill development, relationships, habit formation, and condition of heart. 

“Thus the home may be regarded as the most influential school of civilization…” said Smiles. “…civilization mainly resolves itself into a question of individual training, and according as the respective members of society are well or ill trained in youth, so will the community which they constitute be more or less humanized or civilized. The training of any man, even the wisest, cannot fail to be powerfully influenced by the moral surroundings of his early years.“ 

Nurture and Culture 

Consider mothers. From the earliest moments of a child’s life, mothers encircle their child in the arms of affection and love. They protect from harm, instruct in virtue, and correct vice. They form language through songs, stories and simple conversations. They create thought and action habits through living with the child. They socially introduce the child to the world, and set protective boundaries to keep the child steered in their desired direction. 

Mothers nurture. To nurture is to strengthen, nourish and correct. Mothers are not afraid of telling their child “no” and teaching their child that frustration, pain, mistakes, sadness, stress, and loneliness are part of life and can all be overcome. Through love, mothers allow their children to learn and stumble and bounce back again and again as they master their first steps and their social catastrophes. Without the nurture of mother, a child misses what only a mother can give. The heart and confidence of a mother. 

Consider fathers. Throughout all the phases of development and life, father sets the ultimate example for success or failure for his child. He is the person in the child’s life that offers a special kind of acceptance that confirms to the child that they are socially acceptable and valuable despite their failings and struggles. Through father, the child sees their ability to progress. 

Father establishes a culture for living that either compliments or contrasts to mothers. If complimentary, then the child has a firm compass for future success. If contrasting, then the child must test mother’s wisdom against father’s example and choose for themselves. This can be difficult, and some children fall from mother’s teachings. 

Father gives his child a larger view of life by not being the designated nurturer, but still engaging in nurturing and protecting. Fathers protect by setting an example and living virtuously. They point their children toward truth through wisdom, but mostly through the way they live their lives. Children usually set their life bars to the bar that their father set for himself. 

Family culture is unique to any other culture. This is why people are always intrigued to learn about other people’s upbringings and why people often share their upbringings for context in conversations. The method of nurture and the home culture for the family ultimately create the foundation for the child, and that foundation is formed much younger than many people realize. Before the child can fully converse they already know how to socially engage and what priorities matter most because of the nurture and culturing of mother and father. 

Grandparents are also a key part of the nurturing and culturing of children. They offer a second witness to all the teaching from the parents, or they offer another view of life, depending on if the virtues of parents and grandparents are the same or different. Healthy bonds with grandparents give the child a generational view of life and identity that provide the child with increased confidence, wisdom, and purpose throughout life. Ideally, they are also a voice of truth that can reach a child during difficult times when a child may be turning against the ways of their parents or need another wise opinion. 

Solving Social Problems

In order for the social ills of today to be turned around, society must focus on home power. It would be naive for us to believe that all the problems are coming from outside our homes. The way we best engage with the outside influences is for us to exercise our home power. Do we take it all in or not? We can choose. 

When we put our focus on parenting and grand-parenting in deliberate ways and we set boundaries, teach skills, and correct and instruct our children when needed, then we are acknowledging that we are more powerful than some family exploiting voices want us to think that we are. We can choose to have positive or negative effects to our home power, but the home power is constant. Homes do form people. They are that powerful. It’s just the parents who realize this fact that end up having results that can strengthen society, instead of taking society of track. It’s never too late. The world is never too far gone. But, to right the ship and put things back on track, we have to acknowledge and strengthen real power; home power. 

Strengthen your home power by learning the not so known secret for parenting success, here. 

UN Global Day of Parents Is June 1st! — Why?

Let’s Celebrate! June 1st, the Global Day of Parents, is dedicated to celebrating the impact that parents have on raising children. Not only is a parent required for the biological creation of a child, but parents are vital to the social, moral, emotional, and academic formation of the child as well. No influence is greater than that of parents on a child, even if the parent isn’t present in the child’s life. If a parent is missing, the child carries a scar and a longing to know their parent more and to bond with the unknown parent.

Parents give their children a sense of purpose, confidence, and well-being through the powerful force we call belonging/bonding. In the northern hemisphere, June means summer and family time. This is a great time, when children are home from school for the summer, to really put some deliberate effort into bonding with our children.

Go fishing, camping, and star-gazing. Create forts, gardens, clubhouses, summer businesses, and crafts. Invite discussion, tell stories, play games, learn new things, and make memories. Summer is the perfect time to fall in love with parenting again by looking forward to the adventures of each day with the children.

The global climate hinges on the dedication and condition of the heart of parents toward their children. When parents are ‘all in’ with their parenting, then their hearts open up more toward their children and they naturally teach the children the life lessons needed for confidence, safety, and purpose in life. This powerful impact of parents is worth some attention.

United Nations Says… 

In 2012, a few years after the United Nations decided to focus on family issues, the UN created a resolution to have a Global Day of Parents (A/RES/66/292).

“Universal Declaration, Article 26-3.43 “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of

education that shall be given to their children.” Children’s Summit, 18.74 “The family has the

primary responsibility for the nurturing and protection of children from infancy to

adolescence. The introduction of children to the culture, values, and norms of their society

begins in the family… Accordingly, all institutions of society should respect and support the

efforts of parents.”

Even though the United Nations doesn’t always stay within its boundaries globally, and even sometimes influences states in ways they shouldn’t, some of its plans and focuses are worth some merit. Global Day of Parents is focused on what really determines the success of nations and societies; parents.

Celebrate with me by attending a virtual Global Day of Parents event on June 1st at 1:00 pm EST. This event is sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation and the permanent mission of the Sultanate of Oman to the United Nations. I’ll be one of the three speakers.

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vSWyd-qRRYCRAgV4yS__UA#/registration

Voiceless: The Silencing of European Women


It’s ironic that in a time of woman power, that women in Europe are being persecuted for doing what women have always done, protect children. What does a woman do when she knows she needs to stand up for the right but she literally fears for her life and the life of her family? She lets someone else tell her story, which is what this British woman is doing. We recently met an inspiring British woman who was looking for a place to live outside of her homeland, because Britain doesn’t seem as family friendly or even as woman friendly as it once did. What could be so bad about Britain, the legendary example nation to the world? Well, they are silencing women who speak out against the mistreatment of children. Here are the real words of a real British woman who, sadly, must remain anonymous for her safety.

From One of the Voiceless 

It might surprise you to be reading this article – in all honesty, it surprises me to be writing it. Perhaps, when you read the title, you imagined its author living in some cold, bleak, post-Soviet bloc, where the hangover from Communism still causes women to be afraid? If that is the case, you’d be wrong. This author speaks to you from rural England – that bastion of freedom – that land of the Mother of all Parliaments.

You might have heard, in recent years, of our crackdown on Free Speech: you’ve probably heard of high-profile cases, like that of Tommy Robinson, the activist-turned-journalist who, at the time of writing, has just been sentenced to six months in gaol for exposing Moslem child rape gangs. I’d be willing to bet, however, that you haven’t heard of Melanie Shaw, the whistle-blower who, in 2014, tried to highlight the paedophilic rape being perpetrated by members of the British Establishment and who, following a secret trial in 2017, has been illegally imprisoned, in solitary confinement, without access to medical treatment or legal advice, ever since. Ms. Shaw was herself a child in care who had been subjected to sexual abuse; as an adult she worked with children in the care system and attempted to shine a spotlight on the horrendous exploitation of vulnerable young people.

We aren’t sure where Melanie is now. In recent hearings, she hasn’t been in attendance. She has, to all intents to and purposes, been ‘disappeared’. Melanie Shaw has been silenced.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is far-fetched, conspiracy nonsense – I did, when I first heard about it. Sadly, though, this is not the case; Ms. Shaw’s plight is well-documented and can easily be researched – but she isn’t the only one.


In March this year, Catholic mother and journalist Caroline Farrow was arrested and detained for saying that the administration of hormonal treatment to teenagers which causes them to change sex is tantamount to child abuse. She argued that this insane practice of socially engineering children is a form of child cruelty – which it is. There can’t be any doubt about that. Those studies which it has been possible to research have shown that hormonal treatment has devastating, long term effects on children, leading to increased mental health issues and even suicide. In the very same month that Mrs. Farrow was arrested, five whistle-blowers from the taxpayer-funded Gender Identity Development Service NHS clinic quit their jobs after revealing that children as young as three were being subjected to unnecessary gender-reassignment treatment.



Since her arrest, Caroline Farrow has been subjected to death threats and doxxing; her husband and children have been attacked. Farrow has received very little support from the Police in the face of these dangers – her opinions have rendered her an ‘unperson’ – Mrs. Farrow and her family, it appears, are not worth saving. Caroline Farrow has been silenced.


In December 2018, Kate Scottow faced similar treatment, having been embroiled in a Twitter spat with a Stephanie Hayden, a transsexual woman. During their exchange, Scottow referred to Hayden by her former name, a process known as ‘dead naming’. For this crime, Ms. Scottow, a young mother of two small children, was arrested. She was taken away from her family and placed in Police custody; unable to breastfeed her infant child, she was denied access to sanitary protection products and had her computers and mobile devices seized. Ms. Scottow’s computer has still not been returned, thus making it impossible for her to complete her Masters’ degree in Forensic Psychology.

Kate Scottow too, then, has been silenced.


I wish I could say that it stops there – that this madness is a recent phenomenon from which we will soon recover but it is not so.

In November 2012, an unnamed couple from Rotherham, a town in the north of England, were involved in actively campaigning for the UK Independence Party (UKIP). At the behest of Rotherham Social Services, the couple’s three foster children were removed from their care. Not because they were poor parents – indeed, the opposite is true and witnesses testified to their kindness and dedication – their children were removed because of their politics. This family was ripped-apart by ‘wrong-think’, their children stolen by a council which has, since, become synonymous with scandal and cover-up after it transpired that it had actively hidden decades of rape and abuse of more than twelve-hundred white, Christian girls by Moslem child rape gangs. In an act of pure vindictiveness and spite, Rotherham Social Services destroyed that family and silenced those parents, forcing three vulnerable children back into the care system.


As I sit here, writing this, I am filled with shame at what my country has become. I know that my views – normal, rational, traditional views – are commonly held by most of the women in this country – but I also know that most of the women in this country are afraid to make their voices heard. We all know that the trans agenda, for example, is utter folly: of course hormonally treating children and rendering them permanently damaged and infertile is abuse. Obviously this is the case! Of course allowing half-naked men in bondage gear to twerk with young boys on the streets of our cities is paedophilic – of course it is sick – but who dares to say it?

Naturally, an immigration policy which promotes open borders to those who do not share our values and then a two-tier legal system which grants immunity to those who abuse our children is untenable and unsustainable.

Obviously a school curriculum which teaches infants about masturbation before they can read or write is immoral; naturally, teaching children about any form of sexuality, let alone homosexuality, transsexuality and onanism before they have even reached double figures is unethical. Equally, it goes without saying that promoting the Royal College of Midwives’ advice to young girls that abortion up until birth is just another form of contraception is not only inaccurate but evil.

Clearly, a Government which covers for paedophilic Establishment and Moslem rapists whilst imprisoning those who speak out against it is corrupt to its very core.

Yet who would dare to speak these truths?

So here I am, pregnant with our first child – and I write this under cover of anonymity. This isn’t because I have a taste for the dramatic or am being sensationalist – I am not doing it for effect. I am anonymous because I have a genuine, rational fear that my telling you all of this could lead to my arrest. I could be imprisoned … our child could be taken away. It is no exaggeration for me to tell you that my husband and I already have a contingency plan that I might, one day, have to seek refuge in Hungary with our daughter and that he would join us later. I have a very real fear too that my identity could be released, my businesses and reputation destroyed. There would no comeback – no defense in the Press. Our lives would be ruined. I would be done for.

I am not a high-profile celebrity, vying for attention … I am just a normal woman, a business owner, a wife, a Catholic, soon to become a mother … and I am telling you all of this because I am afraid – but I have not, yet, been silenced.

A Year To Remember For The Utah Legislature!


This year WOW was actively engaged in the Utah Legislature fighting to protect religious libertites, parental rights, family, and rights of conscience.  There were a lot of bills and resolutions this session that are worth talking about.  

The biggest topic on Utah capitol hill for the past few years has been what to do about the anti-discrimination bills that keep pushing language that would not protect religious liberties.  WOW has fought dilligently for the past three years to protect religious liberties. 

SB99, SB100, HB322, SB297 and SB296 were a handful of the bills that asked for religious liberties or anti-discrimination legislation or both.  Of these bills SB296 and SB297 passed.  This last bill was a balanced bill calling for anti-discrimination in housing and employment, but also calling for protection of religious liberties.  

During this legislative session the LDS church spoke out in favor of SB296 and SB297undoubtably making a positive influence on their passing. The ACLU opposed these bills. WOW was very disappointed that HB322 did not pass as it was a very good bill for protecting religious liberties.  

There was an exciting bill stating that parents must opt their children into sex ed. classes now.  This is a great precaution to take to protect the consciences of children and religious freedoms as well as parental rights.

HB48 passed.  This bill prevents some uses of powdered alcohol.  This is good news. 

WOW was opposed to HB391 the death with diginity (assisted suicide) bill. Luckily this bill did not pass. 

WOW was opposed to HB134 which was a homeschool tax credit bill.  We felt that this bill would potentially lead to regulation of homeschooling families in the future leading to possible violations of parent rights, and it is not a fair bill to other families who don’t have children in public schools and won’t get credits.  This bill did not pass. 

SB175 unfortunately passed.  It was a bill designed to create a school safety help line for children.  This hotline will be promoted to children.  The calls will be taken by unknown people at the University of Utah and parents will not be told if their child calls the number.  We have not been able to determine what kinds of advice or services can be offered by the unknown people at the college.  We see this bill as a very possible violation of conscience and a definate violation of parental rights to help their own children.  We felt it would be better to adopt a plan to teach children to talk more with their parents and teachers instead of take more tax money to refer children to strangers whose morals are not known. 

These were some of the big bills we watched and chimed in on.  But, there are always some kind of ridiculous bills like this one.  Did you know that in Utah code it says it is against the law to ride a bicycle with no hands?  Some things are not meant to be made into laws.  

It is important that we all stay as informed as possible so that we can stand up for the principles and values we hold dear.